Bullies Must Be Confronted

There is a tragic story out of the UK about a 13 year old boy who was continually bullied at school and on the bus ride home. His property was damaged, his clothes and hair were a mess and he had stains from food that was thrown at him. The boy became depressed and, sadly, he hanged himself. This young man was so upset that he was bullied that he committed suicide. The unfortunate thing is, he could have put an end to being bullied if he had just stood up to the bully or bullies. Generally, bullies are cowards and they do not like confrontation. They would rather move on to an easier target than fight. It does not matter if the bully beats the hell out of you the next time you fight again. He will either kill you or figure you are not worth the effort. In either case, you keep your dignity.

The same holds true in the war against Islam that is being called the war on terror. The terrorists are bullies. They are also cowards. They attack innocent people, avoid direct confrontation and use the media to stir up lies about their cause. They attack and if they get an inch they attack again. The convinced Spain to leave the war in Iraq and the reward was a bomb attack on a train station. Bill Clinton pulled our troops out of Somalia in a cowardly manner and we were rewarded with 9/11. The terrorists are like the school yard bullies and they will keep on attacking until we hurt them badly enough to make them stop. Preferably, they will stop because we killed them.

The biggest complaint I have about the prosecution of this war is not alleged prisoner abuse or collateral damage, the problem I have is we have not been as fierce as we need to be. Shock and Awe was more like flash and yawn. We needed to go in there with every barrel blazing, destroying everything in our paths. We gave plenty of warning so if it stayed behind, it wanted to die. We needed to be extremely brutal and to kill everything with a weapon. We needed to make the sands of Iraq run red with the blood of anyone who remotely resembled a bad person. We needed to be so brutal and ruthless that the people decided not to screw with us. We needed more and more stepped up attacks where we left nothing in our wake. We needed to take out any Imam or other leader who questioned us or incited violence against us. We needed to raze the place in a manner reminiscent of “Jen-Jis” Khan.

It is not too late. We can still go balls to the walls and put a hurting on the bad guys so devastating that they pack up and go home. Ideally, we will be so ferocious that we will kill every last one of them. It is not too late but we need to commit to smashing everything now before the Democrats take over and cut all the funding for the war. We need to make our mark and we need to make it last for a long time. We need to be so vicious that the Iranian President thinks two or three times before he makes threats. We need to be so bad that Lil Kim in North Korea hides in a hole. It is not too late.

But we need to act now…

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One Response to “Bullies Must Be Confronted”

  1. ray says:

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