Build Them New Homes

The Washington Times is reporting that the District of Columbia will use eminent domain to acquire properties that owners refuse to part with in order to build a new ballpark for the Washington National baseball team. The Supreme Court ruling probably has little bearing on this because local governments have been doing this since long before the ruling. When they need a new ballpark and people will not sell, they use eminent domain. They start off OK by offering money for the property but most people say the money is not adequate. So the government just condemns the property and takes it while giving as little as possible in return. Given the history of ball teams in DC, this stadium will be vacant in the future while the team plays in another city.

It is amazing that these teams can pay ball players millions of dollars a year and the jurisdictions make millions of dollars in profit from having the team yet they can not make a decent offer for the homes that people have worked hard for. The federal government is going to build a lot of people in the Gulf a new home. DC could do the same for these people. Perhaps the District could give the people stock in the ball club so they can earn money with the team. That might take some of the sting out of it.

This will not happen because the all mighty government, in this case the DC government (not to be confused with the government in DC) is taking away people’s possessions so they can put up a ball park and make money. I guess they are not making enough off all those red light cameras.

I think that people should reconsider attending ball games in DC. Just don’t go and they will lose money. Those who are forced out of their homes should take the money and move out of DC. Why allow them to collect taxes from you? I personally hope they pay all this money, acquire the property and then find some rare beetle or bird when they start construction so they will not be allowed to continue. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

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