Brown Wins! Croakley Concedes; Democrats Beware

In a stunning turnabout in American politics Scott Brown, a man given little chance only weeks ago, has come from behind to beat Martha Coakley to win the Senate seat formerly occupied by the late Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy held the seat for 47 years and was a leading proponent for government takeover of health care. The people of Massachusetts who put him in office all those many years, bucked his legacy and gave the seat to a person who, barring shenanigans, will effectively put an end to the current health care bills.

This is a historic moment for the state of Massachusetts and for the American people as they were able to get behind Brown and buck the radicals in DC. The left is working on spin to put this on the anger from the last administration but that is not true. Barack Obama, the once popular messianic figure of the left is 0 for 3 in candidates he campaigned for. The loss of the state houses in New Jersey and Virginia and now the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.

People are unhappy with the direction the country has taken and do not like the ham handed tactics deployed by Democrats intent on ramming things through regardless of public sentiment.

The consequences of those actions were felt tonight in very blue Massachusetts.

Beware Democrats, we are coming for you. Republicans who do not follow the will of the people, we are coming for you. We the People are taking our country back. If we can win in the bluest state in the union then we can win in your states as well.

Great Job Senator elect Brown.

Now go to DC and give them hell!!

Patriots, don’t quit now. We have not yet begun to fight.

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22 Responses to “Brown Wins! Croakley Concedes; Democrats Beware”

  1. Adam says:

    It’s a good night for the GOP but I’m afraid the excitement won’t last. The Democrats are set to outmaneuver the right on health care, the toughest piece of Obama’s agenda. I don’t expect the Democrats to play too many games with the seating of Brown but they’ll do what they can to get it taken care of before they need to make that call. Expect there to be a lot of spin on this area either way.

    The Democrats will re-take this seat as soon as they find a candidate that at least knows a little about the Red Sox.

    There’s no doubt the Democrats will lose more in November but as a liberal I can only hope this wakes a sleeping giant in the Democratic base. The Democrats have about 10 months left now to remind the electorate why we voted the GOP out in 2006 and 2008.

    • Thomas Jackson says:

      Got that right Adam, ten months to throw the bums out. Then in 2012 we’ll throw the Red Diaper crowd out. But rejoice, there’s always Cuba.

  2. Big Dog says:

    The GOP was removed because it did not do what it said, it lost its way. The Democrats have lost their way as well. Campaigned as about center and governed from the radical left.

    Who knows, if Brown does a good job they might keep him in there.

    Maybe the tide is changing.

  3. Darrel says:

    What can you say. Sometimes evil wins over the good.

    Bigd: “bluest state in the union”

    By some measurements yes, but a little over simplified. This “bluest” state elected four republican governors in a row between ’91 and ’03.

  4. Big Dog says:

    And they might not ram that through just yet. I imagine there are a bunch of Democrats rethinking their position after tonight.

    • Adam says:

      The Democrats have not lost their way. Health care reform has been a major piece of their platform for decades now. Saying it’s getting rammed is a bit of an overstatement but I’ll use it jokily. The Democrats have worked the entire session so far on this one piece of legislation and they won’t let one upset in a blue state derail that. They know that the consequences of failing is worse than succeeding now and they must do whatever is in their legal power to get this thing done and make the GOP look foolish in the process.

  5. Big Dog says:

    The problem with all that Adam is that they (and people like you) are willing to accept anything just to pass something even if it is not what you wanted and if it is bad.

    There is now a mandate to stop the madness and work in a bipartisan fashion that will give us reform without takeover.

    The idea that they have to make the GOP look foolish by doing this shows why there is such a problem and why the legislation is bad and probably doomed.

    I don’t know how many Democrats who were elected from red states are going to feel comfortable walking the plank.

    • Adam says:

      “There is now a mandate to stop the madness and work in a bipartisan fashion that will give us reform without takeover.”

      Don’t kid yourself. This thing is going through and it will clear a path for a series of changes to health care over the next few decades that the GOP will be powerless to stop.

      • Thomas Jackson says:

        Let’s hope the Obamaites all think the way Adam does. It will give us all the more fun in 2010. I love to see the moonbats weep.

  6. Big Dog says:

    A deal with the devil, Kennedy is in a better position to do that.

    Keep deluding yourself about the status of this bill.

    Powerless to do anything about. Ram it through and there might just be enough Republicans to repeal it after November.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Hey Adam, looks like the effect is immediate:

    In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.


    • Adam says:

      You can never tell about things like this in Congress but the Democrats have consistently found a way to get the votes they needed so far in this thing and I doubt Brown’s election will change all that.

      • Big Dog says:

        The Democrats are already starting to face reality:

        One other option available to Democrats is ramming a revised reform package through the Senate in the roughly two weeks before Brown takes office. That idea already was fading in popularity before Tuesday’s vote, with Democrats knowing they’d be slammed for such a political power-play.

  8. Thomas Jackson says:

    The GOP signed an agreement with Obama? Who knew?

  9. GM Roper says:

    The democrats won a stunning victory across the board in ’08 primarily because the repubs were acting like democrats, spending like democrats and Bush used his veto pen like the world depended on him saving ink.

    I hate to say it, but the poorest of democrats could have won the presidency in ’08 (and did we have the greatest teleprompter reader, but the biggest empty suit ever methinks).

    Will repubs regroup and remember why they won the huge landslide they won in ’94? We shall see. I’m not hopeful, but I will work my tail off to make it happen. Obama looks like he’ll be helping the Repubs all he can.

    • Big Dog says:

      That’s right GM. In 2008 the vote was based on the novelty of voting for the first black guy and against Bush.

      Any Democrat could have won in 2008. The guy who won has NO leadership experience, little time in the Senate, NO Executive experience, NO military experience (or experience with the military) and has a claim to fame (and credentials) as a community organizer.

      America voted for the least qualified person to hold the job based on white guilt, the novelty, and the anti Bush sentiment.

      If Republicans do not get back to their roots I do not want them to win. I want to elect people who are small government types who stop spending our money like there is no tomorrow. If they are going to do that then we might as well have Democrats in there.

  10. FairWitness says:

    Great post Big Dog, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    We, the people, own the power in this country, not the politicians. They’ve been acting like dictators who can impose their will on the people. We’re not receptive to that crap!

    If President Obama, Speaker Pelosi & Majority Leader Reid keep pushing their agenda, if they “double down” after the message sent yesterday, it will help us in November. One way or the other, we will defeat this agenda.

    • Big Dog says:

      So long as who we elect has the same ideals as we. Too many Republicans became Democrat lite once in power and too many good Democrats became victims of their party.