Brokeback Mountain Takes It In The Rear

Looks like all those shoo-in predictions for Brokeback Mountain were a bit off the mark. In a surprise upset, Crash won the Oscar for best picture. Despite the fact that the movie industry pushed Brokeback down our throats (so to speak) it could not quite demonstrate staying power and fell short of winning.

Brokeback was the front runner and was expected to win before Crash was read from the card. I am sure that Brokeback came in second though last would have been more comfortable for them. I would think they would prefer last, or bringing up the rear, as it were. The Hollywood gay crowd was very upset that Brokeback did not win. Their motto, “We’re pulling for you,” was their rallying cry but it appears that their favorite choked.

There is no confirmation that the actors and director were all feeling down in the mouth but one was heard to say that this was hard to swallow. Several supporters were asked why they were caught up in the Brokeback excitement and they indicated that they just got sucked into it.


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