Britney Gets Balled

Britney Spears shaved all the hair off her head. She started out a few years ago as a nice young lady who was very attractive. Now, she is nothing more than trailer park trash. She is disgusting looking and now she has shaved her hair off. While I find that a pretty woman with no hair is still very attractive, Spears became an ugly woman long before she decided to go all Kojack on us.

But the headlines baffle me. Britney Gets Balled. Have we not heard that before? Isn’t that why she married Federline?

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One Response to “Britney Gets Balled”

  1. virginia says:

    Never was a Brittany fan, I always knew in time she would show her true colors. like the chummy friendship with Paris Hilton. All the money in the world cannot hide the fact , they think and act like trash.