Brit Hume Signs Off ‘Special Report’ to a Tribute by Colleagues

This is cross posted from Ms. Underestimated. Her heartfelt reaction to Brit Hume’s retirement includes a great video of the tribute.

I watched this through tear-streaked cheeks. This man is one class act. He lead Fox News “Special Report” nightly at 6PM for the evening news. Brit always had a wry, witty smile and quip, and he was such a gentle man. He’s not physically gone, but his presence at 6pm will be sorely missed.

What a moving tribute to him that his staff put together, not to mention the inclusion of his long-time co-worker from ABC, Charlie Gibson.

Like I said… one class act. Brit, you will be missed by all. Tony is also wishing you well, and you know it. I’m glad you’re sticking around for commentary, so we can wean ourselves off of you in your retirement.

And don’t forget… Brit promised, in his retirement, to concentrate on the “3 Gs: Golf, God & Grandkids.” And not in that particular order. What a great man.

Thanks Ms. M for sharing.

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