Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

Governor Brewer of Arizona vetoed SB 1062 the bill that has been mischaracterized as an anti gay bill. The bill was labeled as one that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay people even though the bill does not mention gay people.

The bill allowed a business to not participate in any event that would violate the religious beliefs of the business owner. This is different than discrimination. In fact, forcing a business to participate is discrimination against the business because it forces the business to participate in something that it is opposed to.

Let us make sure the difference is spelled out. If an individual goes into a business whose owners are pro choice and wears a pro life shirt the business would discriminate if it refused to serve the person because that person is not asking or forcing the business to participate in her particular belief.

However, if that very pro life person was holding a right to life event and asked the pro choice business owner to cater the event the business is free to refuse because that would be participating in an event contrary to the owner’s beliefs. If the pro life person then sues and the business is forced to participate by the courts then the business was discriminated against.

This is what SB 1062 was designed to prevent. We have all heard the stories about the intolerant gays who sued because a business refused to photograph or bake for their wedding. This is where the problem lies. The people who oppose the bill believe that they have a right and you do not have the same right. You see, they are free to choose to live a certain lifestyle and you are free NOT to participate but they do not see it that way.

This in no way means you have a right to discriminate against the individual for his beliefs. You do have a right not to participate in their events if you are opposed to them.

I believe Jan Brewer folded under pressure from the NFL and other entities that threatened to pull out of the state. The NFL was working on moving the Superbowl to Tampa because of this issue.

Let me be clear. It is now time to remove the NFL’s tax exemption because it is involving itself in political issues. It has done so in the past and their extortion continues. If they can hold the Superbowl over the head of states for political issues what will stop them from refusing to have the SB in states that honor the Second Amendment? They have involved themselves in politics and now their tax exempt status has to go.

I also want to be clear on another thing. I am not an Arizonan and this bill is not my issue. I do not believe the bill should have been introduced because I do not believe it should be necessary.

We have the right to free association and we have the right to NOT participate in anything we oppose (whether it is religious belief based or otherwise). We should not need a law to exercise that right.

Unfortunately, the recent cases where business owners have been forced to participate in things they oppose has given rise to the push for such legislation.

As a nation we need to stand up to tyranny and to say no when we do not want to participate. If a business does not want to participate in an event it has the right not to. There are plenty of other businesses who will be happy to participate.

Lawsuits based on refusal should be thrown out as frivolous.

When the inevitable lawsuit happens because some person or group gets upset at some business in Arizona that refuses to participate in something they disagree with Jan Brewer needs to be the one held accountable.

As should the courts because they must refuse to hear these cases.

We do not need laws to allow us to exercise our rights. We do though, need laws to keep people from infringing upon them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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