Breaking News: Suspected Gunshots At Congressional Offices

I was alerted by my friend The Real Ugly American (would a friend call another ugly) that people at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building heard gunshots at the garage level. At this time, the Capital Police are moving people to safety. Others, who are not in the immediate area, have been told to stay in their offices and away from windows.

There is a gun range in the building but reports indicate it is a pretty tight facility and would be unlikely that this is where the sounds came from. Investigators do not know if a vehicle back fired or if there were actually gunshots but witnesses report smelling gunpowder. There are no reports of any injuries but four ambulances have been dispatched as a precaution.

Let us hope that this was not gun related and that no one has been hurt.

There has been no confirmation that when Capital Police said “shots in the garage” Ted Kennedy ran down there with a glass.

The Real Ugly American is following this story.

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3 Responses to “Breaking News: Suspected Gunshots At Congressional Offices”

  1. Breaking: Shots Fired in Rayburn House Office Bldg at the Capital…

    The Rayburn House Office Building – Capital Complex on Lockdown in Washington D.C. Reports: Shots have been fired in garage level-parking area.
    Capital Police are searching room to room.

    Will Update soon…….
    More at Fox News


  2. The Sandbox says:

    Shots Fired At Capitol…

    Via CNN:WASHINGTON (CNN) — Police were searching the Rayburn building in the Capitol complex Friday after reports of gunfire in a garage in the building. At 10:30 this morning, we received a report of shots fired inside the Rayburn garage,…

  3. Gunfire Reported In Garage At Rayburn Building…

    UPDATED: False alarm. Reports are that the sounds people heard were probably an air hammer, not gunfire.
    Capitol Police are investigating reports of gunfire in the basement garage of the Rayburn House Office Building. Lawmakers have been advi…