Boy Scouts Under Attack Part II

I blogged earlier that the DOD had stopped some Boy Scout activities on military posts. It now seems that the Boy Scouts will be allowed to meet on post so long as they are not sponsored by any military organization. I wonder if this applies to the post Chaplain’s office? After all, the Chaplain is the religious leader on post and the Boy Scouts are an organization that believes in God. The problem is, the Chaplain is a representative of a military organization.

I read today in the American Legion magazine that many branches the United Way have de-funded the Boy Scouts because they will not let homosexuals be Scout Leaders. People can still give to the Boy Scouts through the United Way but the organization will not donate other funds to the boys. This is a discretionary donation based upon the desires of whomever runs the local chapter. The United Way is attempting to make the Boy Scouts conform to the leftist ideal of American society in that it wants the Scouts to allow openly gay men (or women) to be Scout Leaders.

The United Way is within its rights. They can decide who to give their discretionary money to just as the Boy Scouts can set standards for inclusion in their organization. The fact is, the United Way gives money to many organizations and some of them probably do things that upset some segment of the population. They only make a stink about it when it involves offending homosexuals. So, I have an idea. It is that time of the year when the United Way campaign starts in workplaces across the country. I know there are many people who donate to more than one charity through them. If you designate funds to the scouts, they will go to the scouts. The scouts will just not get any additional money. Why don’t we just decide not to donate to anyone through the United Way. If you want to donate to an organization just send the money directly to them. You can donate to the Boy Scouts here or by calling 972-580-2213. I am not saying you should donate to the scouts. Your charity is your business but please think about how you donate. In other words, leave the United Way out and select another organization or donate directly.

As a side note, I wonder how many organizations benfit from donations through the United Way that come from parents of scouts, military members, and civilian workers on military posts. Perhaps they should remember the United Way this year….

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