Boxer Shot in London, Must Be a Lie

I know there are many of you who think it is Senator Boxer but it is not. The boxer who was shot was a decent human being by the name of James Oyebola, and he is actually a former boxer who now serves as a bouncer at a club. James Oyebola had stopped by a wine bar to have a drink with the owner who happens to be a friend. Three men were smoking and the staff had asked them to quit (it is now against the law to smoke in public buildings). Oyebola asked the men to stop and told them it was against the law. As they were leaving one pulled a gun and shot him in the head. He is on life support in critical condition at a London hospital.

I am a bit skeptical about this whole story. Guns are banned in the UK so these men were not allowed to own one. Either this story is a lie or they decided to break the law and carry a gun which is not a stretch because they broke the law by smoking. If they carried a gun in violation of the law and if they obtained one even though they are banned then this is just one more example of how gun laws do not work.

Criminals will always get guns because they do not obey the law. People like this believe that the law does not apply to them. Contrary what the uninformed anti gun crowd says, gun bans cause an increase in crime. Places where people are allowed to own and carry guns are safer and have fewer crimes. The real tragedy is that gun bans permit us to be sitting ducks for those who choose to break the law.

The other injustice will be when they catch the guy. The UK does not have a death penalty. Two things that help bring down society, gun bans and a lack of the death penalty. Criminals have nothing to fear. Life in prison will always beat the death penalty. If they still used Drawn, hanged, and quartered there would be fewer crimes.

I pray this guy makes it but it does not look good.

Big Dog

This is London

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