Botulinum Toxin Explains Liberal Behavior

There is a scientific study that reports Botulinum neurotoxin type A, the medication many people use for cosmetic purposes, might pass through to the brain. It is reported that people like Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry have used this medication to reduce the effects of aging. The use of the medication probably explains the lack of brain function these folks exhibit.

Botulinum toxin paralyses the tissue it comes in contact with which explains why Pelosi has a paralyzed brain. I have always felt she is brain dead but now I know that her brain is not dead, it has just been paralyzed by a neurotoxin.

This assumes, of course, that liberals actually have brains and a lack of that organ would certainly also explain the acute stupidity so I am not exactly sure that the Botulinum is the cause. There are plenty of liberals who do not use the medication but who still act as if their brains are paralyzed so the jury is out. If there are no brains then at least the liberals will look better while being stupid.

There are those who will point out that the study was conducted on rats and that further testing is required to determine if it affects humans and this is true. However, since liberals are rodents, the study applies to them regardless.

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4 Responses to “Botulinum Toxin Explains Liberal Behavior”

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  2. So, reduce your wrinkles and screw up your brain, huh?

    This also explains why so many Hollywood types can’t think rationally.

    Always On Watch’s last blog post..Weekly Radio Show: April 4 – Nonie Darwish, Cassandra USA, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

  3. TRM says:

    You should apply for a fed grant to study this…