Border Security Will NOT Happen

The people in Congress talk a good game but it is all talk. Democrats claim that border security is important but then do everything to keep it from happening and Republicans pretend to be tough but care little about it. The overall goal, as it was in past illegal immigration debates, is to talk tough about security in order to grant amnesty. In the last two debates on the issue we were promised that once amnesty was granted the border would be secured and we would not need to worry about the issue again.

There will be no more illegals we were told.

And now there are upwards of 20 million who are, like those illegals before them, on a path to amnesty.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has made the bold claim that the bill the Senate is working on will solve the immigration problem and secure the border.

Let me translate. Solve the immigration problem does not mean solve the problem of them coming here illegally. We have seen that this is not the case based on the last two immigration reforms. What Schumer means is that it will solve the immigration problem for Democrats because now more immigrants will be on the dole and voting Democrat.

Schumer’s claim that the border will be secured is negated by his next statement. In the article he is quoted as saying that border security measures will be maintained. Then he goes on to say that the Gang of Eight will not compromise by conditioning the path to citizenship on factors that might not happen, as in border security.

You see, he says the border will be secured but then says there should be no condition for border security because once they make millions of lawbreakers legal they will not care about border security.

Why would they? How can rich Republicans get cheap labor to care for their lawns and build homes and how can Democrats get millions of new voters if they close the border? They need a pool of new laborers and voters from which to draw.

We have been promised that the border would be secure and that there would no longer be an illegal immigrant problem since they started granting amnesty in the 1960s. Each time millions of lawbreakers receive a free gift and their crimes are absolved as they bring in more and more family members and take jobs while the border remains wide open inviting millions more illegals who hide until the next amnesty.

It is all a sham. They have no intention of securing the border. They only want to pander to people who should not be here.

The border security issue should be a separate bill. Pass it and implement it while debating the immigration issue. This way the border gets secured and that security is not held hostage to the political posturing of both parties.

And while we are at it let’s make it a felony to be here illegally. Let’s make sure it is a felony to get caught crossing the border illegally AND a felony to be here illegally.

I am waiting for a border state to pass legislation that makes it a felony to be in the state illegally and thus bypass the federal government all together. Since the feds claim only they can enforce the immigration laws of the country the states should enforce immigration laws for their state. Pass legislation that says if you are in the state illegally (which means in the country illegally and then in the state) you are not allowed to stay. They should be arrested for illegal entry into the state and then deported to a sanctuary city. Funny how sanctuary cities are a clear violation of the law but the Obama Regime does not go after them.

That should tell you their intent…

In any event, whatever they come up with will screw citizens while rewarding illegals with welfare.

And pricks like Schumer will bask in the glow of new Democrat voters as more and more cross the border. In 10 years Schumer (if he is still alive) will be screaming about immigration reform and the need to do something and how we will never have to do it again.

It is the same song we have been hearing for decades.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Border Security Will NOT Happen”

  1. Real Deal says:

    The thing is that most illegals don’t even want to be Americans, they just want to get the perks of citizenship while not paying the dues. They want easy (and free)border crossings, access to US health care, and a free US education for their kids. This is their own admission. There is a book “Yucatecans in Dallas” that is written by a lefty author but the interviews of “migrants” tell you all you really need to know.

    This nation is no longer governed by the consent of the people. The governement at both the State and Federal levels no longer really answers to the people. They pass harmful laws to fleece us of the fruits of our labor, pass laws that violate the Constitution, and have basically told us we have whatever rights they deign to allow us to have. We are no longer free citizens but rather subjects of a legislative elite.