Book Review: Playing a Bad Lie

I just got done reading the book Playing a Bad Lie by John K. This was an absolutely wonderful book that takes a look at the democratic party through the eyes of a golfer. The golfer is playing the game with his young son who expresses athe idea that he might want to be a democrat. The father uses the game of golf to show the boy what the democratic party, especially the way left liberal wing of it, is really like.
The book has excellent analogies and demonstrates the problems of the democratic party. It is simple and straight forward and the author expertly describes the democratic party using the game of golf as his tool.
I highly recommend this book to every conservative who wants an excellent primer for teaching their children the differences between the parties. I also highly recommend that the liberals out there read this book over and over so they can see how truly absurd their way of thinking really is.
Hats off to John K for an excellent, well written, thought provoking and insightful book!

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