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The words “Republican Culture of Corruption” are, as John Kerry might say, seared, seared into our memories after that phrase was used as a campaign slogan to help hapless Democrats regain the Majority in both Houses of Congress. Americans are well aware of ethical problems of members of the Republican Party because those problems have received a great deal of attention in the media wing of the Democratic Party. For people who do not pay attention, the Democrats appear squeaky clean while knuckle dragging, ethically challenged Republicans are involved in every corrupt thing imaginable. The media loves to report on Republican missteps but ignores the fact that Republicans try to rid Congress of those Republicans who are found to be corrupt. More importantly, the media ignores blatant corruption and illegal activities on the part of the Democrats. For their part, the Democrats view their acts as perfectly normal because they are honorable people who would not do anything wrong.

In Caucus of Corruption, Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan point out the ethical and legal challenges faced by many members of the Democratic Party. Margolis and Noonan acknowledge Republican corruption in the beginning of the book but the focus is on the Democrats in order to bring balance to the story. Everyone knows the Republican’s stories (thanks to the Democrats and their sock puppets in the media) so this book, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story. According to the authors:

“Everyone in government who is corrupt should be removed and see justice. Yet removing everyone who is corrupt is not the objective of the new speaker of the House, or any of her fellow Democrats, no matter how much they claim it is. It is time, and past time, to bring balance to the debate.

This book tells the side of the story that Democrats ignore and the mainstream media refuses to tell. It is the story of a political party that has long been given a free pass by the media for their illegal and unethical ways. It is a story if influence peddling, character assassination, and hypocrisy. It is a story that must be told if real reform is to happen…

The book starts by specifically pointing out the ethical issues that involve Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry, Reid, Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel and then moves to practices that have been abused by members of the Democratic Party. Issues such as privately funded travel, family hiring, and election law violations are spelled out clearly and concisely in order to bring balance to the debate. Margolis and Noonan present factual evidence and lay it out clearly along with the references to where the information can be found. One of my favorite parts of the book is where they point to what Howard Dean said about Jack Abramoff only involving Republicans. They then proceed to show all the Democrats involved and how they acted quite differently then what they demanded of Republicans.

The picture painted by the authors is not pretty because not only do they expose the corruption of the Democrats, but by doing so they show how corruption runs across both aisles in Congress and how the concept of absolute power has corrupted absolutely. I do not pretend that the authors are unbiased because I have read their work in the past and I know they are conservatives who want a conservative agenda in this country. I also know that they, like many conservatives, call for the dismissal of any Republican found to be ethically challenged while noting that those on the left ignore, or dismiss ethical lapses and explain it away as some kind of attack on their morality by their political enemies.

Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan bring balance to the debate. They have taken the ethical problems of the Democratic Party and put them up front so that they have equal billing with the Republican lapses reported by the media wing of the Democratic Party. The authors make few references to Republicans except when pointing out how Republicans were expected to act one way with regard to corruption while Democrats were allowed to act another. Obviously, Republican problems have been reported and the purpose of this book is to show the skeletons on the other side.

I highly recommend Caucus of Corruption to anyone who wants to know how corruption is spread throughout our Congress. Margolis and Noonan do a great job of leveling the playing field and exposing the other side of the corruption, the side dismissed by the left and ignored by the media. Armed with this information and that which has been presented in the past, voters in America can better assess the jobs of those who portend to be above board and working in our best interests and then decide the best method to right this great ship. While I highly recommend this book, I will conclude using their words:

The Democrats had their chance to dominate the debate about corruption. But the tables have now been turned. With this book, you are now armed with and inconvenient truth about the Democratic Party. If left unchecked, corruption has a corrosive effect on both government and society, so it must be brought to light. It is time to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, not just for the sake of removing Democrats from office, but for the sake of the health and proper functioning of our government, and of the United States of America.

How can anyone argue with that? If you care about this country it is worth the read, regardless of political affiliation.

Big Dog

BTW: This would make a great Father’s Day gift…

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