Blow By Blow Is Blow To Hillary

Poor old Hillary Clinton just can’t catch a break. The feminist relic swallowed, er, sucked it, er stood by her man, the man she depended on for her career, as he was fooling around with a young lady just a few years older than his daughter. She weathered the storm and was rewarded with a seat in the Senate as a carpetbagger in New York.

She ran for the presidency, a position that was supposed to be hers, and was beaten by an upstart with no experience. She was humiliated by a guy who would have been getting her hubby coffee just a few years prior (his words, not mine).

She was rewarded for her eventual support (or was she kept in check) when Barack Obama appointed her as Secretary of State. She finally left that job after she had a hand in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.

She claims to be enjoying life but she is planning for her run at the White House in 2016. She will be close to 70 when that election rolls around and if she is going to make a move that is the time for her to do it.

And she will.

Or will she?

You see, Hillary can’t catch a break. He longtime aide married a cretin Congressman who had to resign from office after being caught sexting with other women. He is now running for Mayor of New York and damn it all it was discovered that he had continued to sext with young women after he resigned and after he claimed it was all over and behind him.

How is Hillary affected? Well the Weiners and those who support him are comparing Weiner’s wife Huma to Hillary when she stood by her man after he helped an intern study for her oral exams. Hillary and Bill are not real happy about this because it brings all the old tawdry dalliances to the forefront. It reminds people (or informs those who were too young or not yet born) that Hillary is a shady character as is her husband.

But, that might not be so bad. Weiner is a flash in the pan and if he goes away so does the focus. If he wins it won’t matter much and the comparisons will soon be forgotten (or maybe not).

But Hillary still can’t catch a break. The Enquirer has an audio tape from the Bill and Monica affair. It is a tape that Monica made for Bill and it is sexually suggestive. Bill is not heard at all. The tape is strictly Monica trying to set up another meeting with Bill for some more social interaction.

The Clintons and many others who knew about the tape thought it had long ago been destroyed. The evidence of the affair (tapes, love notes, etc) were supposed to have been destroyed. Bill makes no mention of the affair in his Presidential Library and All Night Nudie Bar.

But someone made a copy and it has surfaced. Perhaps Ms. Lewinsky released it for her 40th birthday which hit last week. They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was crawling around the White House on her knees…

Anyway, the tape will bring more of the past back to the present and some folks are claiming this could derail Hillary.

I know she can’t catch a break (though she caught a better break than the four Americans whose lives she allowed to be snuffed out and she caught a break in being pretty much left alone about it) and this might be bad for her but…

The 2016 election is a long way off. If this was going to be a damaging item it should have been saved for the campaign. Instead it has been released now. There is plenty of time for this to play out and then be forgotten by the low information voters.

Hell, if Hillary is still deemed worthy of the White House after the corruption and anti American life she has led then this audio will not make much difference.

However, if this audio survived the clean up perhaps there is more evidence out there that will surface over time.

Make some popcorn folks. The election is over 3 years away and there will be lots of mud thrown around before the season ever heats up.

Unless, of course, Obama declares himself King and refuses to abdicate…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Blow By Blow Is Blow To Hillary”

  1. Blake says:

    Hell, perhaps there will surface some damaging evidence about Vince Foster’s death- after all, murder has no limits, and I, for one, do not believe he committed suicide-