Bloomberg Is What They Had In Mind

Reporter Jason Mattera approached New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the governor’s conference in DC and asked him if he would disarm his security guards in the spirit of gun control. Bloomberg responded that he would get back to Mattera on that. His five armed guards worked to keep Mattera away from the Mayor and were not too happy about the questions. It seemed the question about why Bloomberg has armed guards when he wants to deny others the right to protect themselves struck a raw nerve.

As Bloomberg was whisked away by some of his detail one of the New York police officers who protect him approached Mattera and asked for ID. Mattera provided his press credentials and the officer asked for his driver’s license. Mattera told the officer he did not need that but the officer explained he needed to make sure the name on the press credentials matched the person presenting them. I am not sure if this officer had any authority in DC to make such a request. In any event, Mattera showed his driver’s license and the officer started to write down information until Mattera said something about him doing so.

This was nothing more than an attempt at intimidating Mattera. It was an attempt to make Mattera feel threatened and to let him know they were going to investigate him. Why else would the officer need to write anything down? Do you suppose he would have asked Chris Matthews for ID?

The officer followed Mattera around DC and asked him his date of birth (more intimidation) to which Mattera responded that it was none of his business.

Mattera had it absolutely right. Here is Bloomberg, in our Nation’s Capital, and he is surrounded by at least five armed guards. Why is he any more important than the people of DC or New York? Why is it the taxpayers of New York foot the bill to protect this jerk when he is bound and determined to deny those people the right to protect themselves? He has no problem taking their money and spending it on his own protection (when he is a billionaire to boot) but will not let them have guns to protect themselves. If they don’t need guns then he does not need armed guards, period.

Michael Bloomberg is the kind of politician our Founders had in mind when they protected our right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment. The right preexisted the Constitution and the Amendment does not give us the right, it acknowledges that it existed prior to the Constitution and protects it.

Any politician who tries to disarm American citizens is a traitor and should be treated as such. These are the kinds of people our Founders were wary of because they will usurp the Constitution and then abuse the people. Governments have disarmed people around the world and then murdered lots and lots of them. In fact, governments around the world have murdered more of their own people than any citizens ever have.

When people are armed sometimes mass shootings occur. When they are disarmed genocide occurs.

I have added Bloomberg to my terror watch list. He joins Barack Obama and Martin O’Malley (among many others) on a list of people who are represent threats to the Constitution.

Mattera showed what happens when the elitist traitors are confronted about their hypocrisy.

Mattera had better watch his back of he might end up Breitbarted.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “Bloomberg Is What They Had In Mind”

  1. LD Jackson says:

    It sounds like Mattera may have hit a little too close to home with his question to Bloomberg.

  2. Blake says:

    Of course Bloomberg got mad- hypocrites always get mad when they are called on their hypocrisy- their arguments fail at the starting point.