Blame The Nut, Not The Gun

Or the knife or the car…

Elliot Rodgers stabbed people, shot people and hit people with his car. He was a nut who had real issues. One only needs to read his words to understand that he had serious mental issues and that his view of the world and of life was skewed. He murdered people, an act that is already against the law.

The liberal left is using this event to once again ratchet up the anti gun rhetoric. The liberals want more gun control and more background checks even though this nut was from one of the most anti gun (and restrictive) states in the Union. None of the laws liberals want would have stopped this guy from murdering people. He stabbed several and used his car as a weapon. Without the gun people still would have died.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office identified the three men found dead in Rodger’s apartment as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20. Hong and Chen were his roommates, while Wang was visiting the apartment, the sheriff’s office said. The three students died from “multiple stab wounds” before the shooting rampage, the sheriff’s office said. [emphasis mine]

No one is calling for a ban on guns or more strict requirements for a driver’s license. They are focusing on the gun which was just another tool used by a mentally deranged person to murder people.

Who to blame is the first question from liberals when these things happen. The response in this case is the NRA and Republicans.

No one has stated the obvious and that is the murderer and ONLY the murderer is responsible for what happened.

The knife did not murder or injure people. The car did not murder or injure people and the gun did not murder or injure people. Rodgers did all of that and he used those items to do it.

If a person is determined to do harm there is nothing that can be done to stop him. The fact that he used a knife and a car shows that he did not need the gun to inflict pain and cause mayhem.

Another case where the police knew there was an issue: “Rodger’s family contacted police after discovering social media posts about suicide and killing people, family spokesman and attorney Alan Shifman told reporters Saturday.

Six policemen showed up at Rodger’s home in Isla Vista on April 30, but they found nothing alarming. So they told Rodger[sic] to call his mother and they reassured her that he was OK, according to Astaire.” (Seems to me this might be enough to get a court order to remove any weapons until they were sure he was not unhinged ~ BD)

There will be more calls for gun control from all kinds of people who don’t really care about the victims. They care only about a political agenda and that agenda includes disarming those who had nothing to do with this (or any other) event. Liberals do not care about the victims and they actually like when these things happen. It allows them to push a false narrative to further their dream of disarming Americans.

All the shooters in these events turn out to be left wing nut jobs so perhaps we should ban liberalism and end the violence.

I pray for the victims but I will never agree that America has a gun problem.

America has a liberal problem, particularly nut job liberals.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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