Blame Studds and Democrats For Foley

The Mark Foley fiasco broke about two weeks ago and since that time there have been many allegations and a lot of finger pointing. Democrats were quick to scream for the resignation of Dennis Hastert because they believed that he covered the whole incident up. The Democrats have ignored reports that the solicitous Instant Messages (IM) were obtained in April of this year and held for a more opportune time and instead focused on building the case that Republicans were weak on national security because they could not protect our children. This, of course, is a stretch in that the pages were not “children” and failure to protect them does not mean Republicans (or anyone else) can not protect children in general and it certainly, in no way, equates to national security. However, if we accept this as a true statement then the people who held the IMs since April are no better at protecting the children.

A lot of blame has been passed around and people are looking at who is to blame for Foley. I personally blame no one but Foley. He is a grown man and he is accountable for his actions. He did not act like a professional, an elected member of Congress, or a decent adult. He allowed his power and his perverted desires to guide his actions and he disgraced himself and the entire Congress in the process. While this whole incident is taking a back burner to more pressing events like North Korea there are, nonetheless, people who insist on finding someone other than Foley to blame. Since those folks will not be satisfied with placing the blame on Foley, I am hereby placing full blame for Foley and his perversions on Gerry Studds and the Democrats in America.

I know this comes as a shock to some and will not to others who will ignore my assertions that I place the blame on Foley and instead label me as an apologist for a pervert. Be that as it may, I must help those who insist on finding someone, anyone, to blame. Gerry Studds, who recently died, was the first openly gay member of Congress. After a 27 year old man revealed that he had sex with Studds as a 17 year old page, Studds brought this “victim” forward and claimed that they were two consenting people and it was no one’s business. Instead of the outrage that the Democrats in America have fostered in the Foley case as a result of their elected leaders harping on this, they embraced Studds and reelected him six more times. Studds was censured by the House but his constituents saw nothing wrong with his actions and sent him back to represent them. But how is Foley his fault?

The article that describes the death of Studds had some interesting quotes in it. In these quotes the people said that Studds was the one who gave other gays opportunity to do what they wanted. Here is an excerpt:

Hara[his husband/wife] said Studds gave courage to gay people by winning re-election after publicly acknowledging his homosexuality.

“He gave people of his generation, of my generation, of future generations, the courage to do whatever they wanted to do,” said Hara, 49. [my emphasis] My Way News (AP)

First of all, Studds gave gay people courage by winning reelection after publicly acknowledging his sexual relationship with a 17 year old man along with his homosexuality. Secondly, if Studds gave people like Mark Foley the courage to “do whatever they wanted to do” then how can Foley or anyone else be to blame? Gerry Studds set a standard and his constituents approved of that standard by reelecting him. Mark Foley was only trying to reach the bar set by Studds and his electorate. It is unfortunate that people did not allow Foley the chance to contact his pages and arrange a press conference where he could proclaim they were consenting individuals in the game of dirty IMs and then the matter, when compared with the “Studds Standard” could be put to bed, so to speak. We could then be writing about how Mark Foley gave gay people the courage to do what they want to do.

As previously stated, I place all the blame for Foley directly on Foley (I am writing that again for the folks who miss it the first time and then accuse me of condoning his acts) and not any other person. Mark Foley is a grown man and is responsible for his own actions. However, for those who simply must find someone to blame, who must point a finger, I offer Studds and the Democratic electorate that reelected him after he had sexual relations with that page. This is also a reminder to those in Congress who tolerated Studds and were not blamed for his acts to exercise the same judgement when trying to figure out at whom you should point your fingers. Foley is responsible for his acts just as Studds was for his, courageous as they might have been.

Besides, neither of them could help it, they got sucked into it.

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2 Responses to “Blame Studds and Democrats For Foley”

  1. Bos'un says:

    Big Dog, You said it all. In the blogosphere, you are one of the best. Keep up being one of the best truth detectors and shine the spotlight on the cockroaches of the liberal donk lefti and political pundits.


  2. Seth says:

    Great post, sir!

    Very well put.

    Once again, the Democrats illustrate their belief that the rules they apply to others don’t apply to them.