Blame It On Global Warming

Too hot, blame it on Global Warming. Too cold, blame it on global warming. Too much rain, too little rain, hurricanes, no hurricanes, smog, no smog, just blame it all on global warming. And when a 3 foot chunk of ice falls from the sky and no one can tell from where it came, blame it on global warming.

In California, a huge block of ice fell from the sky and no one can tell where it came from or why it happened. One minute everyone was out California Dreaming and the next minute ker-plat, a huge chunk of ice falls from the sky. Now they have not come up with a reason so I am going to help them, AL Gore style.

We all know that ice hangs out up in the sky minding its own business. Sometimes it melts a bit and becomes rain but for the most part it just hangs up there being real happy. Since evil human beings burn fossil fuels, the ice blocks in the sky have been melting at an alarming rate. They are losing their grip on the sky and starting to fall. Experts agree, global warming is the reason for this. Said Dr. Ima Qwack, “I am afraid this incident in California is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. We can expect more such instances if we do not do something to curb the use of fossil fuels. We need to do it now or there will be millions of ice chunks falling from the skies. (celebrity voices impersonated)

There you have it, the Al Gore global warming explanation for the ice chunk that fell out of the sky.

Source: KTVU News

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