Black On White Crime; Where Are The Race Hustlers Now?

A group of black men and women in Baltimore attacked a white man. They beat the hell out of him, sexually assaulted him, stole his property and removed his clothes. They left him lying on the sidewalk naked and dazed. Here is the video:

The video was removed by You Tube as promoting hate speech. Breitbart has the video from CBS (WJZ) in Baltimore.

There are surveillance cameras all over Baltimore and the police monitor them. There is a police station not far from where the incident took place.

Where were the police and why did they not respond while this was taking place? Why is this incident not getting the play that the Trayvon Martin shooting did?

I think we know the answer to that.

Where are Jesse and Al and the rest of the race hustlers? Did Barack Obama go on TV and say that if he had a son it would look like this defenseless white guy who was savagely attacked by a group of thugs?

Where are ABCCBSNBCPMSNBCCNNHNN and all the other lame stream media outlets?

I think we know the answer to that as well.

The police say they are investigating. Perhaps they will get justice for this guy.

I am pretty sure that if this guy had a gun and shot his attackers the race hustlers would be out in full force.

Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr** would be tweeting his address all over the world and the New Black Pansies would put a bounty out on him.

But since he was the victim, nothing to see here, move along.

My recommendation, avoid Baltimore City. It is a haven for lawless liberals and the lawless politicians who lead them. The place is full of predators. This poor victim looks like he is from there and was originally part of the group.

Too bad for him. For those of us who don’t live in the City it is a good idea to just stay out of the City.

Spend your money in places where they actually have some sort of civility and where people respect each other.

The sad thing is these folks will be allowed to vote and they will vote for Obama.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe they were just taking Obama’s stash from this guy’s wallet…

Then again, maybe this was an event where new Nike shoes were being sold…

**This was changed. I mistakenly had Rosie O’Donnell as the other tweeter. My apologies to Ms. O’Donnell.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “Black On White Crime; Where Are The Race Hustlers Now?”

  1. Eoj Trahnier says:

    The video was removed by Uube because they consider it Hate Speech!
    I consider removal of the video hate speech.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Once again, it is hate speech to liberals to point out hypocrisy. I bet you can find lots of hate speech directed at Zimmerman on You Tube.

  3. Blake says:

    This is why, in Texas, the second amendment is alive and well, despite the socialist in chief’s best efforts to deny or curtail the right to bear arms.
    The cold, sad truth is that this world would be a more civilized place if everyone was allowed to have a firearm at their side at all times- sure, a bunch of entitled effete socialists would be gunned down, but then they should have been more polite, shouldn’t they?
    Think of all the breathing space we would have- and the vacation from specious and illogical arguments we would have.
    And the politeness- my goodness, the remaining people would, of necessity be more polite, now wouldn’t they?

  4. Paul says:

    Why haz it come to this. This will turn into riots and many deaths. Any clue where to get the video? Thanks BD