Black Lies Matter

A man named Freddie Gray died while in the custody of the Baltimore City Police. Gray has a long record mostly for drug distribution and is likely not a good guy so the portrait of a great guy (a lie) is way over the top BUT he should not have died while in custody. Initial reports are that he suffered a spinal injury while in the custody of police and his requests for medical assistance fell on deaf ears.

No matter why he was arrested or what his history was he deserved better treatment and I hope this will all become clear after it is investigated. I say I hope because the police are conducting the investigation and that casts doubt on the integrity of the process. Officers are rarely found in the wrong when investigated by their own departments.

There are a lot of people in Baltimore who are upset about this and a large number of them decided to protest. I have no issue with peaceful protests. The act of protesting PEACEFULLY is part of what makes America great. The problems come when those protests end up interfering with the lives of other people or turn into riots.

It is great to protest but to block traffic and shut down businesses is interfering with the rights of others to move about unhampered and free of harassment.

When the protests turn to riots people get hurt and property gets damaged. The legal peaceful protest turns into an illegal act.

On Saturday night in Baltimore the protest turned into a riot as unlawful people began breaking windows of businesses, looting said businesses, damaging vehicles and attacking the public and the police.

People attending the Orioles game were not allowed to leave the stadium for a while because of the riots (this possibly unlawful detention is a subject that could have its own discussion). Perhaps the 30,000 or so people should have been unleashed on the rioters…

In any event, the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, proved she is a lightweight who is unable to lead. On top of that, she and Elijah Cummings lied about the nature of the violence.

The mayor and Representative Cummings both stated that the riots were the result of outside agitators and that most of the people involved were not from Baltimore.

Al Shaprton, an outside agitator if ever there was one, will be going to Baltimore to get involved. You can bet that SRB and Cummings will welcome him and never think to blame any unrest on him.

First of all, how can they tell just by looking at the people? How did SRB and Cummings determine that these folks causing and participating in the riots were NOT from Baltimore?

The police arrest reports seem to paint another picture. Nearly all of those arrested for rioting were from Baltimore.

I am sure there were outside players who incited people but they are only part the reason for the riots. Those who participated were the major reason and most of them were from the city.

This lie is to paint a picture of a competent leader who has her finger on the pulse of the city and to keep people from drawing the conclusion that this all took place because of liberal rule, liberal policies and the liberal victim mindset.

SRB indicated that she told the police to protect the protestors and give them space. Fair enough. We can’t have them getting hit by cars or being attacked for peacefully protesting. But the dimwit also told police to give the rioters space to break things.

Many businesses were damaged and people were hurt. Property insurance usually has a clause that excludes damage from civil unrest. Will Baltimore write checks to the owners who lost property? Will the city pay for the damage it allowed to happen?

The police have some explaining to do with regard to how Gray ended up dead while under their control but they showed a lot of restraint during the rioting. Perhaps it is because they were following SRB’s orders but they showed restraint under very dangerous circumstances. A lot more people could have ended up hurt or dead if the police had been more aggressive (not that hurting rioters would be a bad thing).

The lack of spine SRB has and the lack of leadership during the outbreak of lawlessness will embolden those who wish to participate in more illegal and dangerous acts. Right now the police are on alert because rival gangs have banned together to stop killing each other and start killing police officers.

This is what happens in liberal run cities where people are lied to each and every day. They are held down by liberals and told they are victims. The people grown up with no desire to achieve and a belief that they are victims who can only be protected by the government.

The race hustlers and liberals like SRB and Cummings push that narrative and their lies have devastating consequences.

Yes, these black lies matter…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Black Lies Matter”

  1. Barbara says:

    Those Punks called Protesters need to attack Her and Cummings, and beat the sh*t out of Sharpton, to prove they are serious about getting the right people who are the real problem .Sharpton looks like he has Aids, and pure Evil in his eyes while he is out doing his work for Obama, which is stirring more Racial tension, so Obama can declare Martial law because of a race war. I hope Sharpton is in my neighborhood when this war starts, lol.

  2. Blake says:

    BD, I am surprised you are still in that state- You need to move to Texas, the land of reason (except for Austin, the “San Francisco” of Texas).

    • Big Dog says:

      I have a job and a family here Blake. My plan is to move there when I retire but my wife is not too keen on being that far away from the grandkids so I might have to go for NC or SC. Unless the climate here changes for the better I can’t see sticking around.