Black Lady Says, Mr. Obama I’m Not Drinking Your Kool Aid

It is true that an overwhelming number of black people support Barack Obama. Most blacks are registered Democrats and support that party at about 90% and those who are traditional voters are likely voting the way they historically have. Those who are new to the process are voting for many reasons and one of them is, Obama is black. I was listening to local talk radio yesterday and a number of callers said they were voting for him because they wanted to vote for a black guy.

Well, one black lady is not drinking the Obama Kool Aid. This video is about 9 minutes long but worth watching:

She makes very valid points that all voters should consider before voting.

For more information please visit the National Black Republican Association. Get the word from people of color, who look past color, to examine the issues.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Black Lady Says, Mr. Obama I’m Not Drinking Your Kool Aid”

  1. Patsy says:

    Excellent video! Thanks for posting it Big Dog. She not only states her opposition to Obama, she gives detailed explanations why and video tape of Sen. Obama speaking the words that so offend us all. Bravo to this woman!

  2. Buffoon says:

    Ah, a new look for the the site…..

  3. Ashley says:

    That is an awesome video. Thanks for posting it. It is quite like “drinking the cool-aid” to vote for Obama in this election. It’s very concerning to see the American people throw away their common sense for a feel-good president who might just be the one to “change” America forever… by destroying what’s left of our constitution.

  4. Some guy says:

    This video had potential to be great. Until the lady went with the typical christian move. I am a christian, I am a very right wing conservative, and I do not think homosexuality is okay. But Obama going on Ellen has nothing to do with his faith. I do not understand why fellow christians think that association with a homosexual is an unchristian thing. We always forget that Jesus ate at the table with sinners.

    The one thing I agree with and wish was stressed more is that Obama was voted in mostly because he is black. It is sad that the issues had very little to do with him winning the presidency.