Black Journalist Quieted

The Baltimore Sun is the local paper for much of the State of Maryland. They are as liberal as can be and though they like to tell everyone how fair and unbiased they are they fail to live up to those claims. Not long ago the Sun filed suit against the Republican Governor because he refused to allow his staff to speak with two reporters. The Governor did not say that his staff could not communicate with the media, just two particular reporters who he felt were reporting things rather unfairly.

The Sun was up in arms about this. They were livid that the Governor was stepping all over their First Amendment rights. They fail to realize that the First Amendment does not say that a government official has to speak to a particular reporter. The First Amendment is designed to keep Government from restricting speech. The Governor allowed the press, minus two reporters, to have access (they were allowed general access but nothing special like the other “pool reporters”). The court agreed that the Governor was not compelled to allow any individual special access.

So how does all this fit in? Well, the Sun employs a writer named Gregory Kane. Mr. Kane is a black man who happens to be a conservative. He constantly speaks out and his columns are full of conservative ideology. He espouses things like personal responsibility and less government intrusion. Gregory Kane says things that the left expects white conservative males to say and it goes against the idea of a victim class the left has so skillfully manufactured. Mr Kane was also a guest on a local radio station, WBAL. The station format is fairly conservative and Mr. Kane added a great deal to the discussion. Unfortunately, the Sun has decided that Mr. Kane is no longer allowed to be on the air. They are evidently upset at some of the things he has had to say. In addition, some of his co-workers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Mr. Kane’s words.

So here we have a newspaper that sued the Governor over what they believed was a violation of their rights doing the same thing to one of their own reporters. This paper has a whiny reporter named Michael Olesker (who is one of the ones the Governor will not talk to) who was on a local TV news program every night talking all kinds of mindless liberal prattle. He never minced words when it came to knocking conservative politicians. He was allowed to come on every night and subject us to torture. Thankfully, he was removed because people got tired of hearing him. You can bet if he worked for a conservative paper and was yanked the ACLU and everyone else would be involved. If Gregory Kane were a liberal Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the ACLU would all be threatening law suits, boycotts and causing all kinds of havoc because of the injustice.

But Mr. Kane happens to be a conservative so he is not worthy of fair treatment. Since he is a black conservative he is misguided and needs reeducation. His employer has decided that he may not speak on the radio and that is it. The paper will never report what it has done. They will ignore the public discussion until it dies down and goes away. I do not get the Sun for this and many other reasons. I would suggest that other readers consider selecting another paper to read. One that actually practices the behaviors it expects of others.

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