Black Caucus Getting Uneasy With Obama

Maxine Waters was out slamming Barack Obama today as she discussed her concerns with the folks. She said that Obama was not doing what he was supposed to be and that he was not in the black neighborhoods. Perhaps she does not understand that Obama is a politician (wait, I think she commented on that) and that he goes to where he needs the votes. His approval rating is way down to 26% (not that you would know it by the media coverage that took great pleasure in telling us about Bush’s bad numbers) and he needs votes.

Obama does not need to go to the black neighborhoods. He will get 90-95% of the black vote because he is a Democrat and because he is black. What he needs is the white vote. He can get 100% of all the eligible black votes in the country and cannot win without support from whites. His approval numbers are down in middle America, and area he did well in during the last election, and he knows that without those states he will not win a second term.

So Waters can complain all she wants, Obama is a politician and he knows that he has the black vote wrapped up. He will throw them some bones near the election (like all Democrats do) in order to keep them on the plantation but he has that constituency wrapped up. The only thing he needs to worry about is getting them to the polls.

I predict that the black vote will be down in 2012. Many will be disenchanted with Obama because the newness has worn off. He is no longer an unknown novelty. He has a record now and people are not happy with it. He might get a good turnout if he throws the right bones but the turnout will not be like it was in 2008.

Obama is in trouble with the Independents and the whites who voted for him out of guilt or out of desire for something different. They now know they made a mistake and do not want to make it again.

He has failed to keep his promises and the unemployment rate is way above the 8% he promised when he said we had to pass the Stimulus. And yes, his folks made that claim and one of those who made the claim is saying now that unemployment will not be below 8% before the election. The unemployment rate in the black community is much higher and they are not happy.

Maxine Waters was asking for permission to go after Obama and she got it. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in 2012.

But make no mistake, he will get the lion’s share of the black voters who decide to actually vote.

Waters video at RCP
Remember what Jay Carney said about Bush and photo op vacations?

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2 Responses to “Black Caucus Getting Uneasy With Obama”

  1. Blake says:

    Ain’t that a shame, that Black voters are so monolithic in their voting patterns?
    Allen West was correct in equating the Dems as “plantation overlords” who would take care of black voters in return for their vote- then these same Dems would forget them until the next election cycle. And these same Blacks just put up with it- this time, the “Overlord” is “one of their own”, although not really.
    Owebumma wishes he was white, but that is just not possible.

  2. NoTingles says:

    I wanted to add this to the hopper because the event I want to remind you all about is probably related to what Waters is up to. They said they would withdraw their support (the Black Congressional Caucus) in terms of running for re-election, and I think they meant it because of their interpretation of Obama’s actions related to the event.

    Back on May 21, 2010, please recall that was the day that Admiral Dennis Blair (ret.) resigned his post as Director of National Intelligence. And curiously, he didn’t say why (1). The rumors about his resignation should be put aside now because they are just that- rumors. The truth is that the resignation stemmed from the regime’s refusal to do the release of the USD refunding settlements, which Adm. Blair had been insisting that Obama take care of the matter before a complete collapse of the world economy ensued. In fact, Adm. Blair had become the burr under Obama’s saddle blanket on this issue, and it came to a head on that Thursday. No one in the Mainstream media decided this information is what the American people needed to know; they sat on the story in order to perpetuate the myth of the Obama presidency. But….

    The corker was that on that day, Adm. Blair revealed evidence that high level henchmen in the regime had been taking bribes to stall the settlements, and this means that Obama was going along with it. Truth is, Obama didn’t have a choice. He either went with the demands to stall the settlements or his ineligibility was going to be revealed in the supreme court- or at least that was the meat of the threat against him issued by none other than George H. W. Bush.

    The evidence that Adm. Blair brought with him to the meeting that got him fired was photocopies of the bribery payment checks from George H. W. Bush, to Vice-President Joseph Biden, Secretary Tim Geithner, and Rahm Emanuel, who had been receiving these payments in a regular fashion from Bush. Reason: Bush was trying to figure a way to abscond with those funds himself, and if they were paid out as the folks at the G-20 demanded (goes back to the 2006 and 2007 meetings), then Bush wouldn’t have the funds to use for his own plans. Can any of you guess what those plans were?

    If the Bush Regime had done its duty 5 years ago, our country would not be in the economic inferno it now is. Still, if Obama regime had done its duty, we wouldn’t be in the unemployment panic, and the inflation trap we now find ourselves in. If they had only done their duty. What does this reveal about the Obama regime: That it is a puppet and being run from behind the scenes by organized international thieves and killers who aim to eviscerate the United States.

    Forget about the “French Connection” spin that was put on this by certain globally-read publications. It was designed to lead you, dear readers, down the wrong path.

    I should remind everyone, that accepting bribery payments, in return for deeds done is both criminal, and impeachable. If Obama is removed from office, Biden will be prevented from assuming the office because he is “dirty”. The whole stinking mess will end up revealed for all of the public to see. As of yet, it hasn’t happened, and probably will not be revealed. The American people will just go on, fat, dumb & happy, never realizing that the “ONE” has headed up an absolutely criminal enterprise masquerading as a presidential administration. But it has been revealed to some (2).

    The information about Obama’s personal, ultra vires involvement in stalling the settlements payments found its way by letter from Clifton Hodges, to the counsel of the Black Congressional Caucus. Mr. Hodges is a lawyer representing injured clients who are being further injured each passing day the settlements are not completed. When the Black Congressional Caucus found out about this criminal activity, they decided they shouldn’t support him any more. You see, they have known since before the 2008 election that he was ineligible. Knowing this gave them significant leverage, but now that Obama went off the reservation, they want to distance themselves from him. He is now like a ship flying the black flag. The information is now trickling out, and you see the results, with a 26% approval rating.

    He is not going to be able to recover from it. Although he is being advised to stage some kind of massive false-flag terror event in order to blame in on whitey, and so that he will look good (like the Murrow Bldg bombing did for Clinton) going into the 2012 election- it’s not going to work because millions of Americans are now wise to what this regime is doing, and they are expecting him to try pulling off a stunt like this.

    The sad irony is that Obama is guilty, caught red-handed, in serious criminal actions, going way beyond his ineligibility. He should have been arrested on May 28 2010 after he illegally gave a PERSONAL order to stop the Settlements on May 27, but anyone can see that the risk he took has paid off- he’s still in office…and what do you think that says about the whole so-called government structure that is so corrupt that it cannot respond to such blatant illegality? He had no right, no authority, and using his position as President makes it doubly bad.

    The Black Congressional Caucus vowed to throw Obama under the bus for allowing the much-hated George H. W. Bush to take control of the Administration. The bribery, the Bush influence…it was just too much for even them to take, but we’ll see as the election season progresses, if they hold true to their word and withhold support.