Bite The Hand That Feeds

One of the problems with the US is that we allow people to come here and learn, work, and do just about anything. Why is this a problem? Because many of those who come here and benefit from our generosity then tun around and stick a knife in our backs. There is a story today about an Indian student who is here getting an education. This ungrateful jerk wrote in a chat room that he wanted to kill George and Laura Bush, VP Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. He also urged readers to bomb the US and rape American and British women. His attorney says this is a First Amendment issue and that his client, Vikram Buddhi, never intended to carry out the threats. Doesn’t that make you feel better? The attorney is also concerned his client will miss time from school:

Since this is a very busy time for college students, being immersed in studying for their upcoming finals, Buddhi’s attorney John Martin said he hopes his client will be released from jail Wednesday following his detention hearing so he can return to studying.

God forbid we should keep a terrorist in training from going back to school. I think this person should be tried immediately and sent to jail if convicted. If we can not put him on trial we need to revoke his student visa and send him back to his back assward country.

This kind of crap irritates the hell out of me. Our MSM refuses to print pictures of Mohammad the pedophile because it might upset some “peaceful” radical Islamic fundamentalists but this guy is supposed to be allowed to make threats and we are supposed to just let him do it. If he never intended to carry out the threats he certainly encouraged others to do so. If just one nut case reads the message and follows through all hell could break loose. Our stupidity when it comes to openness allowed the 9/11 terrorists to come here and train to fly. It allows millions of ILLEGALS to cross the border and then demonstrate because they “have rights, and it allows former Taliban idiots to come here and attend college. It even allows terrorist sympathizers to drive rented SUVs into crowds of college students. This BS is getting old and it is high time we did something about it. We can start by bringing the full wrath of the judicial system down on this terrorist in training.

If they let this guy go there is no hope.

Source Post-Tribune

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