Birther Of A Controversy

I have been out of play for a few days as I was away conducing business. I have been catching up on some chores and reading the news that I missed and I have to say that there is a lot of nonsense going on. I know, what makes this nonsense any different than the nonsense any other day?

Nothing really…

I read that Mitt Romney made a joke about birth certificates and that got the Obama regime’s collective shorts in a bunch. Romney was in Michigan and he said that he and his wife were born there and no one has asked to see his birth certificate because they know he was born there.

The Narcissist in Chief and his peeps took to Twitter to respond about the negative attack. The Socialists in the regime, in my opinion, overreacted to this quip from Romney.

Was Romney reigniting the birther debate? Who knows? Romney claims his reference was only to him and his wife and from the video it appears that way. If others read something into it, well…..

The Obama media is not too happy about this and have been asking if this is civil discourse and if it was a swipe at the sainted one.

Who cares? Obama needs to put his big boy pants on and suck it up.

In the past few weeks the Obama camp has called Romney a felon and made the claim that Romney has not paid taxes for the past decade (and yes Obamabots, both of those claims were made regardless of how many times you and Barry deny it).

Where was the media uproar over those claims? Where was the questioning of Obama and his mouth pieces regarding their civility? It was nowhere to be found because the media are part of team Obama. They cover for him, lie for him and ensure he gets favorable press because the media have stopped being impartial and are part of the Democrat team.

For what it is worth, Obama is not natural born regardless of where he was actually born because the person he claims is his father was not a US citizen. Even if he admits that Frank Marshall Davis was his daddy the paperwork says otherwise so barring any further information, that which has been provided shows Obama is not natural born.

In any event, the worst thing that happened is that Romney had some fun at Obama’s expense.

Of course the Obamatrons did not see it that way and they went ballistic. This is because they are losing and things are not looking good for them. They know their days are numbered and they are fighting back like cornered animals. This will get worse as things continue to slide downward for Obama and he will get riled even more quickly over little nonsensical things.

Good. If all it takes to get his boxers in a bunch is to make fun of him then we need to keep that pressure on.

We cannot afford four more years of this usurper and in November we can correct this mistake.

January 2013 will be the end of an error.

As an aside, did you notice that the Democrats keep demanding records from Romney including decades worth of tax returns but when anyone mentions Obama’s paperwork, like a birth certificate, the wheels come off the cart and all of the sudden it is dirty politics? If Obama’s birth and NBC status were so obvious there would not be so much confusion and he would not have spent millions to keep it all covered up.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Birther Of A Controversy”

  1. Blake says:

    You know, at this stage, on my bucket list, would be the wish to go to Kenya, find Bari’s father’s grave, and video me peeing on it, then send it to Bari- after all, he has been doing this to the rest of America- it is only just that it happen to him.