Binge Drinking Senators

Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain had a little drinking contest recently at the suggestion of Clinton. People were astonished when she suggested that they hold a vodka drinking contest. We have enough drunkards who abuse alcohol and drugs in the Congress without these two Presidential wannabes acting like juveniles.

I no longer drink alcohol as a matter of my own personal choice. When I did drink, I never participated in drinking games because they are dangerous and I have seen too many people either die or nearly die as a result of this stupidity. We have tons of problems on college campuses each year with students drinking to excess and dying or getting together and causing trouble. Is there any doubt that the Duke rape case involved a lot of booze?

So do we really need these two Senators, both who would love to be President, setting this kind of example? Do we need this advertised so that every college kid can use it as an excuse for drinking to excess? Is this the kind of behavior we expect when our elected representatives go on a junket at our expense? I wonder if they wrote the booze off as a travel related expense?

Some people will say that I am a prude or that I wrote this because Clinton was involved. Neither is true. I wrote it to point out the dangers of alcohol abuse and the influence people like this can have on college kids. Alcohol is a drug and it is not a toy. When people realize this perhaps we will not have so many deaths related to the abuse of this substance.

Just consider this. Clinton suggested they engage in this because it is a tradition in the Baltics. Suppose they had suggested Russian Roulette because this too is a tradition over there? Would people question that act as destructive and dangerous? Of course but it is no more destructive than playing with alcohol, just more immediately fatal.

Neither of these two should be President of this country. Clinton has just demonstrated she has no more control than her husband had and McCain just showed he is a follower, not a leader. They are both trying to make people believe they are moderates and deserve a chance. One is a RINO and the other a far left moonbat. They are both trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

New York Times

And by the way again, what happens in Estonia does not stay in Estonia when you are high profile….

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