Bin Laden Is A Coward

Yesterday, Osama bin Laden released his fifth audio tape of the year and his pleas to members of al-Qaeda sounded like the last acts of a man desperate to hold on to an organization that is falling apart, or dying off as it were. Bin Laden is a coward who hides in caves and orders others to strap on bombs and blow themselves up. Would OBL strap on a bomb and detonate it? One can only hope. He hides in caves, he uses audio tapes so as to avoid anyone knowing his location and he uses the Muslim airwaves to send orders to his terrorist buddies.

George Bush is on TV all the time. He travels to hot spots around the world even where threats have been made on his life. Sure, he was pretty secretive about going to Iraq but that is a matter of OPSEC. If bin Laden were to sneak into a place and then go on TV and say “I am here” he would appear to have a set but as it stands, he slithers around like a snake trying to run a war from the position of a coward.

Perhaps OBL is a bit cowardly after seeing what the US did to his last al-Qaeda leader Zarqawi. To top it off, he has to be uneasy about reports that Zarqawi’s own people gave him up. Bin Laden talks a good game about dying for Islam and killing all the infidels but he sure does not act in a manner that reflects what he demands of his followers. He is no more of a hero than the other coward, Hussein, who was found hiding in a hole in the ground. We should have just thrown a grenade in that hole and scraped the pieces off the walls.

Bin Laden’s time is coming to an end. We will find and kill him and he will die a coward’s death because he deserves it.

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