Bin Laden Gets Donk’s Talking Points

Ted Kennedy said there was no difference between the regime run by Hussein and the military forces that now occupy the country of Iraq. This was his take after a handful of soldiers abused prisoners. While many people, including Kennedy, fail to recognize that the military discovered the abuse and was investigating it before it became public, those who have a bit of sense realize that those who committed crimes are now in jail. Except of course the high ranking officers who always seem to make scape goats out of the junior folks. If they knew about it and authorized it they are just as guilty. If they did not know about it they are not worthy of leadership positions, but I digress.

Osama bin Laden aired his views and the complete tape from some time in the past was recently aired on Al-Jazeera. Osama vowed that he would never be taken alive and I know that does not break my heart in the least. If he wants to fight it out then I say let it be. We can kill him and be done with it. That would save us the problems associated with holding him in custody. There would be attempts to free him, terrorists would take hostages to negotiate his release, and the moonbats would cry he was not being treated humanely. If we kill him, per his wishes, then we do not have to worry about all this. There might be some rioting, look how the Muslim world acts about cartoons, but let them riot and kill each other.

Turns out though, that bin Laden is a bit of a coward. That is no shock to me but the man who urges young Muslims to blow themselves up says he would “find bitter the taste of death.” Strangely enough, he finds the taste of his own death bitter but finds the taste of the young lunatics he sends off on homicide missions to be bitter sweet. His acts and words show that he is a coward but I still think we should kill him when we find him.

The thing is, OBL got his talking points from the Kennedy memo. Here is what OBL said to parrot Teddy the Boozer:

Osama bin Laden vowed never to be captured alive and said the U.S. military had become as “barbaric” as Saddam Hussein in an audiotape reposted on a militant Islamic Web site after first being broadcast last month.
“The jihad (holy war) is ongoing, thank God, despite all the oppressive measures adopted by the U.S. Army and its agents (which has reached) a point where there is no difference between this criminality and Saddam’s criminality.”

The only thing that came out of that is OBL is confirming for us that his partner in crime, Hussein, was a criminal. Therefore, perhaps the rest of the world can now stop complaining about the trial, Hussein can sit down and shut up, and we can get the thing over with. OBL has confirmed for us that Hussein is a criminal. The unfortunate part is the words came from a Kennedy talking point memo.

The terrorists are crazy but they are not stupid. They know how to use the words of our politicians against us. As long as we have idiots like Teddy the Boozer in office, the terrorists will have plenty of anti American talking points.


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