Bill Maher Is Getting What He Paid For

Bill Maher is a foul mouthed moron who loves to deride people and call them stupid. He believes that America is full of stupid people (I would think his audience might give his position merit) and Bill loves liberals and their policies.

Maher supported Barack Obama to the tune of a million dollars and has carried Obama’s water for quite some time. He attacks people like Sarah Palin relentlessly while praising his overlords on the left.

Bill has had an epiphany about taxes. He has decided that the greater than 50% he pays between the federal and state taxes is too much. He came to the realization that the very wealthy (a small portion of the population) pay nearly all the taxes in this country. He is quite late to the table as most thinking people have known this for decades. Rush Limbaugh has had the tax breakdown posted on his website for a very long time.

Yes, the guy the left loves to attack has made this information available to anyone who visits his website and yet Maher, a guy who supports politicians who call for higher taxes and for people paying their fair share, has just discovered this information. I would think that a person who is on TV would research issues before he opined on them but it appears as if Maher could not be bothered to do this.

And truthfully, while I might think a person would do that the liberal media has shown that this is not common practice as they often shoot from the hip spouting off liberal talking points to please their masters on the left.

Yes Bill, the wealthy pay most of the taxes in this nation and nearly 50% of wage earners pay nothing. Romney made that point and the left attacked him for his statements. But he WAS right. His point of course was that he would not get those votes but the smaller point was they do not pay taxes (they take instead of paying).

How come so many people on the right know this and have known it for a long time but Maher, the supposed intellectual in the room, is just finding it out?

Perhaps it is because he is now feeling even more pressure on his bottom line.

Or, perhaps he is one of the stupid people he often laments about.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Hey Bill, you have questioned Sarah Palin’s intelligence in the past. Guess what? She knew this too.

How do you feel being dumber than the people you call stupid?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “Bill Maher Is Getting What He Paid For”

  1. Real Deal says:

    @#$! Bill Maher. He once said the rich should be taxed at 100%, HBO used to play that over and over on a commercial for his show. I say he deserves for the government to confiscate everything he owns and every subsequent dollar he earns (100% Taxed) and he be forced to watch his own dumb statement over and over.

  2. Blake says:

    Billyboy really needs a .45 cal. cerebral infusion, just so there would be something in his head-