Bill Lets Cat Out Of The Bag

For all of her coy denials and suggestions that she is only concerned about reelection as New York Senator, Hillary is not good at concealing her intentions. I guess she thinks there are people who will be surprised when she decides to run. She will probably be presented as a last minute candidate who is only running because her country needs her. In all actuality she is planning on running. Her movement to the center, a movement denied by people who are blinded by their giddiness, is a start that she hopes will be subtle enough that when she “announces” that she is running most people will be lulled into a false sense of security.

I know there are people out there who will say I am partisan (I am) and that I am insinuating that Hillary would lie (she would). Hillary has lived quite a lie for many years. She has been a follower of socialism since her college years and she tried to instill social medicine in this country. Yet, she presents herself as a moderate. She lied all those years about where papers were until they magically appeared in her living quarters. She lied when she told everyone that she is not a carpetbagger and that she would have moved to New York regardless. Right.

Well you can mark it on your calendar. The Dog is telling you, as I have in the past, that Hillary will run regardless of what she or her handlers say. She will run regardless of how many times she says she is only concerned about reelection. Of course she is concerned about that. Losing would put a big dent in her plans. Don’t be fooled with the last minute dramatics, Hillary and Bill are planning and have been all along. They probably sabotaged Kerry so Hill would not have to wait. Bill let it slip out on Letterman last night.

Letterman asked him how he felt about George H. W. Bush. Clinton said he liked him and he had always respected him. He said they were working on the tsunami relief together. Clinton said he was going to Bush’s to go out on a boat and play some golf. He said Mrs. Bush (Barbara) calls him son. He said he told the republicans in the family not to worry ’cause every family has one, a black sheep. He said it goes to show that the Bushes will do anything to get another president in the family. This was all said in good humor and the audience laughed. But then Bill did it. He said, we’re kinda hoping we can get then to adopt Hillary. The Bushes will do anything to get another president int he family and we are hoping they will adopt Hillary. It slipped by pretty fast and Letterman let it go by, great interviewer that he is.

Now this might not seem like a big deal and in the overall scheme of things it is not. But for those of you who do not think these people calculate every move and that they manipulate to ensure they have power, this is your wake up call. The next time she looks into the camera and says she is only concerned with winning in New York tell her the Big Dog said she is full of Bovine Manure.

On a personal note, the interview with Clinton was a good piece. Bill talked about his book, the tsunami and his efforts with bush the elder and the UN. It was actually a pretty good piece. Clinton needs to get some surgery though for the bags under his eyes. You could pack for a three day trip in those things.

UPDATE: This text from Letterman (Drudge).

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