Bill Clinton wants a Smooch from Obama

I wrote yesterday about the public meeting between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Unity New Hampshire. I believe that Obama needs Clinton voters and Clinton needs Obama money and outside of that they have no use for each other. There are those who claim they are friends but I think that associates would be a more apt description and now that Hillary, who believes the presidency is her birthright, has been beaten by Obama, she has no use for him and anyone associated with him except to get her debt paid.

I also pointed out that Bill Clinton was not happy with the results and that he would not actively support Obama. If he did do anything for Obama it would not be with the enthusiasm he would have had if Hillary had won. He wants Obama to lose so Hilary can run in 2012.

There is a story out in the Telegraph UK that indicates Bill Clinton is still extremely bitter (does he cling to religion and guns) and that he continues to be condescending toward Obama and says Obama cannot win. There are reports that Clinton, who is upset that his reputation suffered, has shocked friends by his blatantly bitter attitude. Mr. Clinton reportedly said, to his friends, that Obama would have to “kiss my ass” if he wants his support. Clinton seems to have this thing about people’s lips being below his waistline.

We have heard that Bill Clinton holds a grudge (as does his wife) a long time and that they can be ruthless to those who are seen as disloyal to them. There were a lot of old Clinton people who jumped on the Obama bandwagon early on and I know that irritated them to no end. Bill Richardson was one who Bill found particularly upsetting. If Hillary ever makes it to the White House then there are a lot of people who will have absolute hell to pay.

It was amazing to see how so many people who thought the Clintons walked on water threw them overboard so quickly in order to latch on to the empty suit. The Clintons have a hit list of people who need political payback and they cannot wait to unleash their fury.

Given the number of former Clinton supporters who jumped ship early, I imagine Obama might have to get in line to give that kiss.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Bill Clinton wants a Smooch from Obama”

  1. You’ve got it right on this!

    Faultline USAs last blog post..Park Service refuses to say who broke the circle

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