Bill Clinton To Endorse Rangel, SURPRISE!

Bill Clinton will endorse New York’s Charlie Rangel for his 23rd term. Rangel, as you might recall, is a tax cheat and has ethical problems to boot. He went through some rough times because of his illegal activities but Bill is backing him. It makes sense, in a way, because criminals tend to stick together.

Rangel supported Clinton through his impeachment and backed Hillary for her Senate run as well as her run against Obama for the presidency.

Bill is just returning the favor and it comes at an important time for Rangel because he has a strong challenger in the race.

State Senator Adriano Espaillat ran against Rangel two years ago and nearly beat him and how he is running again.

Perhaps the people of this Congressional District can get past the star power of Clinton and put country ahead of the politics. If they do Rangel will be shown the door.

Now there is nothing wrong with Clinton backing Rangel and there is nothing wrong with people voting for him absent wrongdoing.

But Rangel is a criminal and he is living large at the expense of the American people despite his criminal activity.

I guess ranchers who defend against Harry Reid’s shady deals are the only folks we can’t have breaking the law. I mean, has Harry ever said that we can’t have American Congressmen breaking the law?

Then again, Reid is a master lawbreaker as well.

All these old turds stick together and stink up the entire place.

Nothing would be sweeter than seeing Rangel lose big after Clinton’s endorsement.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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