Bill Clinton Talks About Losing

Former President Bill Clinton, Former President Bill Clinton, Former President Bill Clinton (I am sorry, I like the sound of the former part) says that we will lose in Iraq. He says that the war was illegitimate and that it is a quagmire we will lose. He tempered his remarks by pointing out only one country has won against an insurgency. His monkey handlers were quick to jump in and clarify what this man, who knows nothing about war, either fighting one or winning one, meant. When his turn came he ran away and avoided the draft. Funny how that did not matter but President Bush serving in the National Guard was a bad thing.

Well former President Bill Clinton, we would not be in this mess if you had done your job. If you were not so wrapped up in all the scandals that plagued your administration then maybe you could have kept your eyes on the target. Instead you were busy trying to lie about a blue dress while our enemies became emboldened by your lack of action. If you had a spine then we would quite possibly never have been attacked and might not be in Iraq.

Leave it to a loser to tell us we will lose. You need to be spending more time trying to discredit Louis Freeh. His new book will show everyone all the skeletons in your closet. I wonder how long it will be before you and your attack squad are going after him. You did pick him though, did you not?

Former President Clinton, please do us all a favor and rent a room above a strip bar and leave us alone. The real men will be happy to go fight the war, they just want you to shut up.

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