Bill Clinton Knows What He Is Doing

There is a lot of buzz about what Bill Clinton (the Nation’s first black president) has been saying because what he says is the opposite of what Obama wants to do. Obama wants to end the Bush tax cuts and he wants to portray Mitt Romney as a vulture who wrecked businesses.

Bill Clinton said that the tax cuts should be extended at least into next year and that Romney was a sterling business guy who passes the needed qualifications to be president (which he did according to the Constitution no matter what his record was).

Clinton was called into the Corey Booker (who is now dead to the Obama campaign) woodshed where he was reeducated by the Obama brown shirts and he readjusted what he said. He now says that the rich should pay more and that he did not realize he was going off message.

Clinton is not stupid. He might be dialing it back to look like he is on board with the program but he already did the damage he intended to do. You see, Clinton is not happy with Obama and wants him to lose. Clinton believed his wife would have been a better president (I think she would have been better than Obama as well) and should have won the nomination. He now knows that Obama is a hack who is ruining the country but Clinton can’t very well come right out and say that or the Democrats will disown him (even though a lot of them probably feel the same way). To top it off, Clinton has never forgotten that Obama played the race card on him.

There is no doubt that Clinton wants him to lose.

So Clinton goes out and says things that are damaging to Obama and then feigns ignorance and “changes” his tune. But Clinton did the damage. He gave the Romney folks great soundbites to use against the messiah. When ads play about Romney’s time at Bain then Romney can have ads using Clinton’s words about Romney having a sterling business record. They can add in Booker’s words and really kill the Obama message.

An ad with Clinton talking about how the tax cuts should be extended will play well in the fight over the next debt ceiling issue (if it hits before the election) and it will play well as a Romney ad.

Clinton is a skilled politician. He knows you cannot unring a bell and that he has provided the needed soundbites to help defeat Obama.

He is on a stealth mission to unseat the man who insulted him and who beat his wife.

And so far, he is doing a good job of it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Bill Clinton Knows What He Is Doing”

  1. Blake says:

    When it comes to political sneakiness and backbiting, there is noone as accomplished as Billyboy Clinton.