Bill Clinton is Spinning Lies

This video from ABC is Bill Clinton answering some questions on behalf of his wife. During this video he calls Obama’s campaign the biggest fairy tale out there and insinuates that Obama has gotten an easy ride from the press. Clinton also said that he [Bill] had been attacked as a crook. He then said that Ken Starr spent 70 million dollars to indict a bunch of innocent people and to find out I [Bill] would not take a nickel.

Now that whopper Bill just told was the biggest fairy tale out there. Ken Starr did not indict anyone who was innocent and no one ever determined that Bill and Hillary were honest people. There is a big difference between not having enough evidence or not getting indicted and being innocent. Bill Clinton is in no way innocent. He took a whole lot of nickels from the Chinese. He took lots of money from the folks at Tyson foods and he took lots of money from drug dealers bringing drugs in through the Mena airport in Arkansas.

Bill Clinton is certainly a criminal and the real problem he has is that he has told the same lies for so long that he believes them to be true. Anyone with any sense what so ever knows that Clinton and his wife have been neck deep in crime since they started out in public life. The country went through eight years of dishonesty from these people and now they want us to put them back in there as if nothing ever went wrong. Their White House was filled with scandal after scandal from the day they moved in until the day they moved out. Bill and Hillary can claim that they were found innocent but they are lying in an attempt to rewrite history.

Anyone who believes that these two are honest needs to have his head examined. They are criminals of the highest order and they will take money from anywhere, say anything, and change history in order to get more power.

We have to hope that Hillary gets beaten badly in New Hampshire and in all other states for as long as she stays in the race. If she keeps losing her money will dry up and we will finally be rid of the Clinton crime family.

Remember, when Hillary was crying and said she did not want us to go backwards the us she was talking about is she and Bill.

Maybe she cried because Bill screwed things up for her when he was taking his turn. Maybe he is fighting fiercely for her and telling those fairy tale lies because he knows that she would have been a shoo in had he acted like an adult when he was president.

Nah, they have been criminals all along and he is lying because it is what he does best…

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