Bill Clinton is an Ass

Bill Clinton was being interviewed on WMAL-AM yesterday and he said two things that take more gall than one can imagine. While discussing his wife’s campaign he said:

“I think she has been the underdog ever since Iowa,” Clinton said. “She’s had, you know, a lot of the politicians, like Senator Kennedy, opposed to her. She’s had, the political press has avowedly played a role in this election. I’ve never seen this before.”

He said they’d done well considering their slim budget. “We’ve gotten plenty of delegates on a shoestring,” he said. [emphasis mine]

Since Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president she has raised $140 MILLION. How in the name of all that is good can anyone say that this amount of money is a shoestring. The fact is the money was not managed well and they went through it like they had an endless supply. This is how they go through taxpayer money as well. If $140 MILLION is a shoestring or slim budget imagine how much money they will want to take from us. After all, it is a pittance, a shoestring (a slim budget)…

He has never seen anything like this before? We all have but it was when the Clintons were getting the favorable press. During Bill’s time in office the MSM helped cover up all the scandals that erupted. Hell, Drudge blew the lid on the Monica story after the MSM sat on it to protect Bill.

Bill Also said this in reference to Hillary and the remark by David Shuster (pimping out):

Added the president, “She just stuck up for her daughter, and for girls everywhere, and women everywhere, and it’s about time somebody did after a lot of the rhetoric we’ve been through in this election.”

It is amazing that Bill feels it was about time someone stuck up for women everywhere. The time to do that would have been while he was having sex with one of them in the Oval Office. Hillary should have stuck up for women everywhere by not covering up Bill’s adulterous affairs and his rapes. She intimidated women to keep them from speaking up and she had a bimbo eruption team at the White House to squash women who presented with allegations of sexual misconduct. I bet Mrs. Lewinsky wished Hillary had stuck up for her daughter.

This man is a piece of work and it is just absolutely amazing that he can say these kinds of things with a straight face. What is more amazing is that there are people out there who will believe him and think this is sincere. There are those who will draw no comparison between Bill’s words and his deeds.

One last thing, notice how Bill said “her daughter” and not our daughter. Do you suppose that was Freudian?

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