Bill Clinton Epitome of Hypocrite

The Democrats know that they might not take control and that voters will come to their senses when they weigh the choices and realize the consequences of a Democratic take-over. They are desperate so they brought out the former pervert in chief, Bill Clinton. Here is what the fondler had to say:

“They can’t run anything right,” countered former President Clinton, taunting Republicans about the war in Iraq, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and even the scandal involving the House page program that complicated GOP efforts to win two more years in power.

Clinton has no right to criticize the war. He is the main reason we are in it and he dodged the draft when it was his turn. He proved that he was a coward when it was time for him to show that he really was a patriot. As for Katrina, even Bubba himself could not have stopped Mother Nature (though if he met her he would try to have sex with her). Perhaps though, the most hypocritical item he discussed was the page scandal that involved a Congressman sending obscene messages (notice that there was no sexual relations with that page). Who is Bill Clinton to criticize anyone for a sexual scandal?

Has he rewritten history so much that he forgot that he was involved in the biggest sex scandal in DC history? Has Clinton gone senile or did he just decide that what he did by having sex with Monica was not a scandal? Did he forget that he lied to the nation while wagging his finger and pronouncing that he did not have sex with that woman? I know Clinton is not running for office but I could not resist the opportunity to point out the desperation of the Democrats and the complete dishonesty and hypocritical nature of their savior.

These are the types of people who want to lead you. Foley resigned as soon as he was discovered. Clinton lied, lied again, and then had his wife claim Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The Congressional Democrats (and sadly, some Republicans) stood behind him in support. He pulled out of Monica but he really should have pulled out of office. That blue dress was not the only thing he left a stain on and now he is out showing what a hypocrite he really is.

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3 Responses to “Bill Clinton Epitome of Hypocrite”

  1. Michael says:

    I could have done without the Monica visual….

  2. Adam says:

    Who is Bill Clinton to criticize anyone for a sexual scandal? Sexual relations between the President and another consenting adult is not the same as sick exchanges between a Representative and underage males. Or is your blind hatred of all things Clinton also keeping you from seeing that?

  3. Big Dog says:

    It has nothing to do with blind hatred. The fact is, a sexual scandal is a sexual scandal. Your blind liberalism allows you to distinguish between shades of wrong where as I believe wrong is wrong.

    If you had actually followed the news you might have learned that the exchanges that were sexual in nature took place after pages were 18 (in one case 3 weeks prior to 18th birthday) and that he never sent any sexually overt messages to underage people. BTW, they were technically not underage since the age of consent (your definition, remember consenting adults) in both places is 17.

    I am not defending Foley and think he needed to be gone. That is the difference between the parties. When a Republican is caught he resigns and when a Democrat is caught he is applauded by his party. Does the name Studds ring a bell?

    The fact is, Clinton was involved in a sexual scandal. If it were no big deal he would not have lied about it. It was a big deal and he should have thought before he criticized anyone else involved in such a thing.

    You view my attack as hatred (funny how you do that when you attack Bush based solely on your blind hatered of him) but my attack is based on the remarks Clinton makes that are hypocritical, tailored to the moment and conflicting with previous statements. He was involved in a sex scandal, rape and he had sex with Gennifer Flowers, an affair he lied about while running the first time. So tell me, just who the hell he is to make a judgement about how a scandal (Foley’s was not sexual because NO SEX occurred) when he was involved in sex with a number of women and LIED about it.

    Not blind hatred, just common sense. And I wish people would stop telling me about these poor under aged young men. They were 17 and that is not under aged. If it is, explain why it is OK for 12 year old girls to decide on an abortion without parental approval. Surely, if she is mature enough to do this then a 17 year old male is mature enough to either respond to the IMs in a sexual manner (which he did), report them (which he did not) or block them (which he did not).

    Just so you know, and to ensure San Fran has not ruined your brain, wrong is wrong, regardless of the degree. There are no shades of immorality. They were both wrong and I can see that, your love and drooling for everthing Clinton blinds you to that.