Bill Clinton Conflicted

There are Democrats openly opposing the UAE port deal while secretly making back door deals with the UAE to help them succeed. Hillary Clinton is openly opposed because she wants to fool people into believing that she is tough on national security. After 8 years with her as co-president we know that is not the case. Her hubby, ex-pres Bill Clinton criticized the UAE when he said:

DP World, he said, “is from UAE, where some of the money from 9/11 was laundered.”

This opinion is slightly different from the one he had when he sold the UAE fighter jets. It is different than the one he had when he made $300,000 for speaking there after he was out of office. It is different from the one he had when he gave them tips on how to succeed in this venture and tried to get them to hire one of his old cronies to handle the case. Joe Lockhart priced himself out of the deal or the one time Clinton lackey would be working hard to get UAE the port gig.

I have said in the past that i am not against the deal. I do not say something else privately. With Billy Bubba it is a matter of making money and helping his cronies. Cronyism is something that the left accuses Bush of all the time.


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