Bill Clinton And The Covert Race Card

Bill Clinton was at a fundraiser for Jim Pederson, a Senate hopeful from Arizona. The fundraiser was a $500 per plate event in which the former President claimed that Republicans use “crony capitalism.” I guess he is trying to make everyone believe that only Bush and the current crop of Republicans have engaged in cronyism. I was surprised to see that Haliburton was not mentioned. Perhaps it is because Clinton gave them plenty of no bid contracts during his two terms in office. Clinton has quite a bit of nerve making a claim such as this given all his pals who received government jobs when he was elected to office. Remember Travelgate? Perhaps this snippet from that fiasco sums up the Clinton cronyism:

The first lady had wanted those longtime employees, who arranged travel for reporters accompanying the president on official trips, replaced by a private firm that she sponsored. (emphasis added)NewsMax

A number of Clinton’s white southern good ole’ boys got jobs when he was the President. Why phrase it like that? Because Billy bubba engaged in covert race card slinging by stating:

Former president Bill Clinton keynoted a Phoenix Democratic fundraiser Thursday evening, saying the Republican Party is dominated by “right-wing, white Southerners.”

Let me interpret that for those who might think it is a truthful, harmless statement. What Bubba said was “The Republican party is full of white racists from the South who never got over losing the Civil War and would still own slaves if they could. The south is full of these rednecks who hate black people and are not good for this country. They put George Bush in office and we should hate them. You all should thank God that I came from the south and rose above all that to lead you people.” This is what it boils down to. Clinton was labeling southerners and doing it in an unfavorable light. I guess now that he is a “New Yorker” he can make such claims.

The fact of the matter is, this was a racist statement. If a white politician were to say that the big cities are full of black liberal welfare recipients the moonbat world would go nuts. But when they are bashing conservatives or trying to whip up a frenzy, all is fair but only on their side. The fact is Clinton was at a funraiser with a bunch of cronies, rich (and I’ll bet mostly white) guys who have something to give and something to gain. Pederson is a shopping center developer so I am sure he is not a poor man and has engaged in a number of cronyism deals to get the shopping centers built.

Another instance of do as I say but not as I do. It is OK for a bunch of rich liberals to get together with a former President who was the King of Cronyism but the right better not be playing that cronyism game. Clinton has always been and will continue to be a lying, low-life cretin who only has his own interests at heart.

Source: The Phoenix Business Journal

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One Response to “Bill Clinton And The Covert Race Card”

  1. Susanna Gordon says:


    The way Clinton revises history, you would think he teaches English or history at a high school or college. And with an increasingly ignorant population, people like this get away with it.

    In quoting these outrageous revisionist comments by Clinton, one should mention that it was the democrats who were opposed to the Civil War, and who held their first anti-war convention in 1867.

    General McClelland was a democrat, and didn’t like Lincoln. This is thought to be one reason he was so reluctant to engage the enemy in battle

    In addition, the south hated the republicans for ending slavery. It was the white Reconstructionists, and the freed slaves in the south, against the southern whites for a long time. The demise of slavery in this country, and in England, was due to Christians, and the Republican party. (As was our victory over the Soviet Union.)

    When Nixon refused to pay attention to the Black movement, King went to JFK, and he and Bobby decided it would be politically expedient to back the Civil Rights movement in the 1960 campaign. (Seymour Hersch, “The Dark Side of Camelot”.) Of course, even then, the democrats had to cheat to win.