Big Sister Hillary Will Be Watching

It is no secret to thinking people that the Democratic Party wants this country to be socialist and to have government provide everything for everybody at the expense of a few. Income redistribution is the name of the game whether it is at the state or federal level. Martin O’Malley of Maryland says that he is going to raise taxes and it will actually mean that 83% of taxpayers will pay fewer taxes. This is the way the Democrats sell these things because people say, “Gee, I don’t make a fortune, this is good for me.” They do not realize that if 83% pay fewer it means 17% will be paying a whole lot more to fund the others. The people who think it is a great deal disregard the 20% sales tax increase that will hit those who are unaffected by the income tax increase. Democrats love to raise taxes (and call it reform) and that is a cold hard fact.

They also love to mandate things and to view everything as a right, as in the right to health care. Health care is not a right in any way shape or form and when others have to pay for it then it certainly is not a right. It is a matter of forcing a few to pay for the needs of many. It is not my job to pay for someone else’s health care and it is not the government’s job to “ensure” everyone is covered, and for the most part, they know that. You see, the dirty little secret is, even though they would love to have socialized medicine in this country, they have never been able to get it passed. Politicians have been promising to cover everyone for the last 40 years. Thank God we have them to get universal health care and to save Social Security every four years. This has been a campaign slogan for decades and yet, these things never get done.

Hillary says she can change that and she would rob wealthier taxpayers of 110 billion dollars in order to give everyone health care. The plan also forces people to get health care coverage whether they want it or not. The idiots in Clintonland liken this to forcing people to have car insurance. The difference is, if you do not want car insurance you can stop driving. With the [pick a Democrat running for office] plan people would not have choice and people would have to go to doctors for check ups. Hillary actually envisions the day when you would have to prove you have health insurance to get a job.

Was that a veiled message to indicate that in the future employers will not have to provide health benefits? Think about it a minute. If you have to have insurance before you can get a job then you cannot get a job and then pick up health insurance. Whether or not I have health insurance is no one’s business and that certainly should not play into a job interview. Hell, many people select jobs based on the benefits offered. With the Hillary version, it becomes easier to select a job because this little distraction is taken away.

Hillary Clinton has gone the same route as her rivals in forcing health care coverage upon people and they all express the costs to be in the billions. Keep in mind that the government never, ever, runs anything on budget. They estimate low and over run all the time and they just keep soaking taxpayers to fund the thing. Look at the plan in Massachusetts. Their cost was double the estimate before they even got it rolling. Speaking of Massachusetts, Governor Romney criticized Hillary’s plan. That is amazing because it is the same damned plan he imposed on people in his home state. Kettle, meet pot, pot, kettle…

Hillary screwed up with her socialized medicine plan in 1993 and this one is no better. She will claim that both were great and she will make people believe that her last plan was wonderful but the evil Republicans stopped her from helping the poor people and the chirren. This plan will come in phases, as do most bad laws. They will pass some broad plan that is fairly safe and then add all kinds of crap to it. There will be a number of things that are not covered and people who live unhealthy lifestyles will be probably be denied after the England model but one thing is sure, this plan will pay for abortion on demand and treatment of as many STDs as people can get.

Hillary and the rest of the Democrats should get off this kick about universal coverage. It is not a right and the fewer than 10 million (the number you get when you subtract those who can afford it and choose not to have it and the ones who have not bothered to file for already existing government programs for which they are eligible, oh and the ILLEGALS) people who actually do not have coverage can still get health care.

But if Congress is so concerned, perhaps the Congressional doctor office can start seeing the indigent.

A great post by Glenn discusses how things really work.

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5 Responses to “Big Sister Hillary Will Be Watching”

  1. Glen Blagg says:

    Great post.
    And if anyone thinks that Universal Healthcare will be the end of it, they’re crazy. What will the next ‘right’ be? The right to free food? Free legal defense? Free transportation? After all, it’s for the children. Activists can not stop, there’s always more compassion to be redistributed.

  2. Just finished checking the US Constitution for a reference for universal health care. Not there. In fact, it doesn’t say anything about health care being the responsibility of the federal government.

  3. Schatz says:

    Wow, Ross, that is exactly what I was doing myself. Last time I checked our rights were pretty well-defined in that often-abused Constitution of ours and I did not come across any mention of healthcare for all. Of course, I also didn’t see anything about WIC or InDEPENDENCE cards or, well you know what I mean.

    I really hate people making decisions and choices for me. Are we all going to be forced into one universal, gigantic HMO-type atmosphere where we are just cogs passing the day for doctors (now presumably paid by the Government, with our money but somehow not our money — this just keeps getting more depressing).

  4. irtexas44 says:


    NEWS ALERT…………..The investigators in NY are asking Hitlerbeast for donnation records from Hsu? He is charged with a $60 million scam. I can’t wait for Hilbeast to tell them “We are the President and no can touch our papers”. Should be fun.

    With as many issues that have been brought up about her why isn’t she in front of the Ethics Committee? Not that it would do any good. But I bet more people might want to know why she is always given the free pass. I think they might be afraid of being next on her hit list. With this woman that “little lady” crap doesn’t apply. It’s more like you are dealing with Bruno.

  5. irtexas44 says:

    I find it hard to believe that she is still going out there and bragging that she has been working on her plan since 1993. She, I guess forgets that it didn’t fly last time and won’t this time.