Big Sis And The TSA Send The Stormtroopers

A pilot is in hot water for taking video of lax airport security and posting it on You Tube. The pilot was one of those blessed by the TSA to carry a firearm in the cockpit and he was upset that air crews have to go through security as a matter of safety when there are weapons like axes in the cockpit (and in his case, a federally issued firearm). He also pointed out that while flight crews are being checked in the name of security ground personnel who work at airports have unfettered access to aircraft through unmanned doors that require an electronic badge to access.

After the unnamed pilot posted the video he got a visit from stormtroopers sent by the TSA. The pilot is being investigated for exposing the security problems. The stormtroopers took his federally issued weapon (which they are entitled to do) but then confiscated his STATE issued permit to carry a weapon. What right does the federal government have to confiscate his conceal carry permit when he broke no weapons laws?

This is nothing more than Big Sis and her Gestapo trying to send message to others who would expose the failings of the TSA and DHS.

The stormtroopers were sent to tell everyone else that they should think twice about exposing the sham that hides under the name of airport security.

You will be slapped and slapped hard by the Gestapo.

And all because this guy rightly points out that he is required to go through security when they let him carry a weapon on the plane and there is a huge ax in the cockpit that would cause a lot more damage than a box cutter. He also points out that while the people who will be on the plane and flying it are subject to intense scrutiny a bunch of other folks have unfettered access.

He is absolutely right but he dared to say it and now the Gestapo will make him pay.

We are in a downward spiral.

Can someone tell me why this guy is in trouble for exposing these flaws that are secret but no one gets in trouble for exposing our national secrets?

Big Sis and her Gestapo need to go.

ABC News 10
ABC News
Daily Mail UK

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “Big Sis And The TSA Send The Stormtroopers”

  1. Ogre says:

    Indeed, we are in a serious downward spiral. In addition to this story is the latest to be arrested for, literally, refusing to be molested:

    “I’m not going to let him touch my breasts.”
    Then you’re going to Jail.


    But MUCH, MUCH worse are the fools interviewed at the end of the story. One moron actually claims they feel SAFER because this woman was arrested for refusing to have her breasts grabbed. Once again, I have to admit, I see no hope for this country. Submit or you will be jailed. Object, and you will be jailed. And way, way too many people support these actions. How sad.

  2. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Well, I don’t live in USA and even I don’t support it.
    If America falls, then so shall we.
    We have gained the freedoms we have, in my country, only because America sets a standards and held them high for every jack-boot dictator and politico/religious commandant to see, and in essences said, “met ’em or beat ’em!”
    My country actually had the nerve to attack USA! Our freaky leaders and their cult of doom actually The United States to come over here and stomp the living daylights from us, before they, our revered leaders, would grant us, the people who made their life and life style possible, the basic human freedoms that those in America take for granted.

    Nay, not just take for granted; I see from my vantage point that there was a majority (speaking voting block, as in, “those that vote for leaders like Obama and Reid and Pigliosi) that ABUSE that freedom.

    Here is a personal story; I went to America a few years ago. I studied business and language. While I was there, I went through the process of obtaining a driver’s license.

    Fine. It is legal; if you have a valid visa, you may take the test and get the thing!

    A few weeks before my return flight, I crashed a bicycle and broke my shoulder. That is also legal, and it happens.

    I was at the airport, a stack of boxes on a trolley, arm in a sling- no cast for a broken shoulder, kids! And I had to use the restroom. I left my stuff near the toilet door and did my business. When I came out, TSA dude Mr. Officer Cain asked for my ID, and I showed him my passport. “Got another ID, in English?” I gave him my DL.

    “What is in the box?” Officer, it is a sonic harmonic disruptor.” (alto saxophone)

    Out came the service revolver, pointed at my face, Officer Cain on the radio, “I need back-up on concourse 2! Now!”

    To make the story short, that little primp confiscated my DL because he thought, since I don’t have US passport, it was a “false ID” or at least obtained illegally.

    I had to apologize to that mental stump-of-a-man in front of his commanding idiot!
    Or I could have gotten a long-term tour of an American jail.

    I have been in foreign jails and don’t object to grovelling to avoid an American jail. I can grovel with the best, if need be.
    And in my mind, today, everyone except that woman who refused to be groped is grovelling!
    Everyone not speaking out against liberals trying to shackle America is groveling. Everyone supporting that absolute insanity is groveling.

    I had to do it, too. I don’t blame people; TSA catchs them one at a time, when they are forced to grovel or miss the plane! People have no choice! Grovel or be detained, miss the plane, take a walk down the hall, leave your bags behind.

    Don’t mistake my meaning. I love America, still. Mostly I love the change that “old America” made in the world. The change new America is making really sucks. Despots are getting bold again.

    I am old enough to remember what it was like before America “projected force” at the various and persistent evils in the world. Oh, trust me on that Adam; there are evils out here that you don’t want to know about. Not first-hand, anyway.

    The world’s last best hope WAS America. The old America, before this politically head-up-it’s-butte correctly liberal nonsense of the 70’s. 80’s and 90′ morphed into the lunacy of the new century. TSA is only the face of stupidity ushered in by “Kinder, Gentler Liberal liars.”

    The liars are winning.
    The people who vote themselves the treasury are winning.

    From my view-point, across the sea, it doesn’t look very good for our future freedom. We can only stand if you stand.

    • Blake says:

      I have to (reluctantly) agree with your assessment of America as it is configured politically now- the average age of Democracies is about 200 years, and while we are more correctly a Republic (or, at least used to be) we have beenslowly “transformed” into a “Democracy”- at least on paper, but in reality, a socialistic state, where the elites do all the ruling- you know, like Mexico, for example, a pitiful country if ever there was one- a country with ALL the natural resources that the US has, but no brain on how to use them.
      And we are becoming like them- talk about DEvolving( that would be going backwards, evolutionarily, Adam- just in case you are interested).