Big Dog Gets A Mention At CBS Blog

As some of you might know, some of my items are posted over at Webloggin. I am a member of Webloggin and I really like the stuff they put up there. I received an email from them today and this is a portion of it:

Webloggin has been on fire. Yesterday and the day before we had approximately 6000 page loads on over 3,000 unique hits. The stats have been increasing on a daily basis.

Today I am pleased to announce that Big Dog’s Rewriting History; Eight Months vs Eight Years article is quoted and linked from Melissa P. McNamara’s Blogophile on CBS! This is a round up of “must read” blogs on the CBS website. Webloggin shares space with the Washington Post, The Corner, The LA Times, Think Progress, Random Thoughts and Planet Geek. This is a big win for everybody.

I know that not everyone shares our view on politics but I hope you stop by and see what we are doing over here (tell your friends). The next version of Webloggin will be branching out into other topics such as sports, music, etc so I am hoping that I can offer something for everyone. Please tell your friends and if you know any authors in any of these topics please point them my way.

Congrats Big Dog and thanks to all the authors who have helped push us out into the blogosphere.

This is the post from Webloggin

Just thought I would share that with you all. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Big Dog Gets A Mention At CBS Blog”

  1. georgina says:

    To think…I knew you when!!…Congrats…