Big Brother Is Watching

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley want to require businesses to have security cameras to record who comes and goes. These would be similar to the cameras the city has throughout public places. The requirement would start off with bars and spread to convenience stores.

Mayor Richard Daley wants to require bars open until 4 a.m. to install security cameras that can identify people entering and leaving the building. Other businesses open longer than 12 hours a day, including convenience stores, eventually would have to do the same.

This Orwellian markings all over it. The Mayor wants businesses to have cameras to track the movement of “free” people. In a public place is one thing, but businesses should be able to determine on their own if they want cameras installed. The interesting thing is that the proponents say making the city is their top concern. Perhaps they could put criminals in jail and leave them there. That might do a lot to improve safety, though the crooked politicians will still walk the streets.

An interesting twist is that the ACLU is involved. They are opposed to the potential intrusion on the civil liberties of Chicago citizens (and visitors for that matter). I agree with the ACLU on this one but find it disingenuous on their part considering this is the same organization that gives out video cameras so citizens can film police officers in the performance of their duties. There is no telling how many civil liberties will be violated by the junior Michael Moore crowd. The ACLU plays both sides of every issue and that causes them credibility problems. Well, that and the fact they are socialists who want to ruin our way of life.

Perhaps Mayor Daley should have all those cameras installed at Chicago cemeteries so they can film all the dead people who go out and vote in the elections.

Source: USA

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