Biden Will Shove it Down Bush’s Throat

Joe Biden, the man who has absolutely no chance to become the next President, talked tough today about what he would do with the war funding bill President Bush is expected to veto. Bloviating Joe said that he was “going to shove it down his throat.” Sounds like a threat to the President of the United States. It also sounds like Joe was talking tough to pander. What he should have said is that they would send a clean bill that funds the troops, but as a Democrat he does not care about them. Yes, he says that he has a son over there when he is complaining about protected HUMVEES but his son is a lawyer and if he deploys will not be riding around in hot spots in a Hummer. He will be with the rest or the REMFs in a palace somewhere (much like war hero Anthony Brown, the LT Governor of Maryland). Lawyers are not fighters….

Anyway, enjoy the video:

Big Dog

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