Biden Is Obama’s Cheney

Barack Obama has talked a great game during the last two years. He has spent half of his time in the Senate running for president and during that time he has talked about change and how we needed fresh blood in DC. Then he picked a man who has been a Washington insider for 36 years to be his running mate which essentially negated the idea that he wanted change.

Obama had to select someone with experience because he has little of his own. He has never led anything and his claim to fame is being a community organizer. From all accounts the community is worse off than when he “organized” it but a lot of his friends made money.

Obama went on a world tour to show how loved he was and give the impression that he was ready to be Commander in Chief. Unfortunately for him, the Russians were having none of the Rock Star in Berlin. They attacked Georgia and Obama’s three statements on the issue were weak and showed the glaring gap in foreign experience he has when compared to John McCain. Obama finally released a tough statement that made sense but not before showing that he was a babe in the woods (O-Bambi). Obama showed that traveling with his gypsy parents to different countries when he was a kid did not quite equate to the foreign policy experience he claimed. He needed someone who would beef up the foreign policy credentials of the ticket and thus he selected Biden, a man who I have stated in the past is well informed in foreign policy.

Biden is Obama’s Dick Cheney. Biden is in his 60s so it is unlikely he will run against Obama after a first term in office therefore he is free to say and do what he wants. He is the voice of experience for Obama (a Washington insider voice rather than a voice of change) and he is the attack dog for the ticket. He can go after John McCain and Sarah Palin while Obama gives the image of being as pure as the driven snow the icy precipitation, not the drug cocaine). If elected, Biden will be the voice in the head of a president with little experience in Washington just like Dick Cheney was to George Bush.

The left hates Dick Cheney and every time there is a rumor about his heart they hold candlelight vigils praying that Cheney dies. Anytime Cheney has chest pain the hate sites of the left celebrate that this might be the one. The left also hates Cheney because they say he is a chicken hawk (which is actually a fierce creature) because he received five deferments and did not serve in Vietnam. I have seen more than one story from the left about Cheney’s deferments and none of them were very flattering. This is one more issue with which Joe Biden compares.

Biden received five deferments from the draft and thus never had to serve in Vietnam. After the fifth deferment Biden was not eligible for service because of childhood asthma, an ailment that had never been previously disclosed. In Biden’s stories about his life (in his book Promises to Keep) he discussed having an active childhood and playing football and other sports. There is no mention of asthma and no mention of any limited ability. Since Biden voted FOR the 2002 invasion of Iraq but received five deferments from service, does that make him a chicken hawk?

I realize that the left is full of hypocrisy and that they have trouble applying the same standards to themselves that they apply to others. Look at how they are treating Sarah Palin. They are criticizing her for being a working mother and for working up until she delivered her last child. They are attacking her for doing all the things they have said women could do for years. The slight variation is that liberals love abortion so that a woman does not have to choose between her job and her kid. Sarah Palin demonstrated true pro choice when she chose both of them. It is easier to do both when a mother AND a father are present and work as a team to raise their children. Since many on the left believe that marriage is no big deal and should not be protected and since a large number of their constituents have one parent homes, it is easy to see why they don’t quite understand.

In any event, the left is full of hypocrites so I don’t expect to see Biden called a chicken hawk and I don’t expect to see any stories from the left telling us how he used special connections to get deferments from service and I certainly don’t expect to see stories questioning the asthma issue as a fabrication. If Biden were a Republican there would be a thousand stories about it and the asthma would be deemed a lie, manufactured to avoid service. But since he is a liberal Democrat we will not see much in the way of criticism of this. The MSM will not cover it and Biden will not receive the same level of scrutiny or scorn that Cheney did.

But make no mistake about it, Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s Dick Cheney. He will be his brain and he will be his conscience. Biden and Cheney only differ in political ideology. Their temperaments are the same, their experiences are the same (except Cheney actually worked in the real world where as Biden has lived off the government all his life), and they both received five deferments from the draft.

I never had a problem with deferments but since the left has been obsessed with them I demand the same scrutiny of their candidates who voted for war but never served because of them. Until they can come clean on that issue, they lack any validity.

Biden is a chicken hawk and he is not the change that Barack Obama promised to bring to Washington.

Biden is Obama’s Cheney but I doubt the left will hate him as much…

Just to refresh people’s memories; John McCain attended the Naval Academy and then fought in Vietnam. He did not get a deferment and refused early release from a POW camp where he was tortured because it would not be fair to those who were there longer. Obama could never match that record and neither can Biden (or Cheney for that matter).

As for patriotism, I think Stop the ACLU has a great story about the Democrats and their patriotism. It was not hard to find American Flags at their convention. All you had to do was look in the trash.

**UPDATE: Dr. Bulldog attended a McCain/Palin rally and found NO flags in the trash…

**UPDATE 2: To be clear, I like Dick Cheney. I don’t like Biden’s politics. The point is that it will be interesting to see how the left treats a guy who is nothing more than the man they hate so much.
Big Dog

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7 Responses to “Biden Is Obama’s Cheney”

  1. Debbie says:

    I posted those pictures back on August 28 of the flags in the trash. Also the Invesco field tickets hat the flag upside down. Then compare that with the picture of Rezco standing on the flag with both feet. Did they have one flag on the stage before Obama’s last day speech? Not that I saw. Compare the columns he had to the one big screen with the US flag on it that the Republicans have.

    But don’t question their patriotism.

  2. Jenn Siera says:

    I agree with the analogy, but Biden couldn’t hold a candle to Dick Cheney.

  3. goodwyne says:

    Excellent points Big Dog! I hadn’t thought about this comparison before. This idea needs to be spread around. I dugg it.

  4. Big Dog says:

    I saw your pictures and your item on the Invesco tickets. You were spot on.

  5. Reason says:

    I have mixed feelings about this whole flag thing, I think we should respect and honor the American Flag and the nation, ideals, the people it represents, and the people who have sacrificed to uphold all that it represents. However those “flags” are made cheap and to be disposable not lasting pieces of memorabilia, one use items that were meant to be disposed of after one night.

    I think its a bit “reachy” to vilify the Dems for throwing away disposable items even if that item happens to look like the flag. I mean we don’t keep and cherish every item that comes along that has the flag printed on it, how many 4th of July ads do you throw in the garbage that have the flag printed on it?

    However if it is a real flag, made with more durability and longevity in mind it should be treated with honor no matter the size.

    Another issue is that most Americans are not taught the proper method of handling and care of the flag these days.

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