Biden Compares Economy To 9/11

Joe Biden has a way with words and what he says often makes little or no sense or is a lie. I think his brain aneurysms have diminished his capacity which is why he tells us of visiting diners that have been closed for years. Maybe it is also why he is prone to so many gaffes.

Joe The VP (elect) spoke with members of Congress and he expressed that the economy was much like the crisis of the attacks on 9/11 and that we are at war. The blustery politician has also said, in the past, that we need to pass the economic stimulus or the economy will tank.

Joe met with House members and here is a recap of that meeting:

Vice-president-elect Joe Biden likened the country’s economic crisis to the attacks of 9/11 Monday in a private meeting on Capitol Hill.

“We’re at war,” Biden told congressional leaders of both parties during their sit-down with Barack Obama in the Capitol, according to two sources familiar with the exchange


Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander said Biden “was speaking of how after September 11th, that the Congress came together and worked together for the sake of the country, that the Congress worked day and night to accomplish what was necessary. We did it then and we can do it now.” Politico

Of course Biden’s spokesperson had to step in and tell us what Joe really meant. You know it is political BS when someone else has to tell you what a politician meant.

But let’s look at the clarification. Alexander says that Biden was speaking of how we all came together after 9/11 and worked day and night to do what was necessary. I guess this is her way of saying Joe wants Congress, both parties, to work together day and night to pass the stimulus because it needs to be done and is as serious as 9/11.

Isn’t it amazing that when Republicans mention 9/11 they are fear mongering but the Democrats can use it and they are insightful? Isn’t it amazing that they feel free to say they worked day and night after 9/11 to do what had to be done when most of them backtracked on what was done?

In the aftermath of 9/11 a lot of things took place including the authorization for the use of military force in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Most of the Democrats voted for it but later said they were fooled and that they were wrong in their votes blah, blah. I know a lot took place after 9/11 but the more defining actions were the ones that put the men and women of our Armed Forces in harm’s way. Sure, we got stuff that makes it tough to use air for travel but that is nothing compared to what the men and women in uniform have endured.

However, these people backed away from nearly every thing they claim was accomplished on 9/11. Obama was not in the Senate yet so he ran around saying he has always been against the war (except when he was campaigning for Kerry. Then he said he supported it). Biden voted for the war as did Clinton and many others. This was one of the biggest things Obama used against them in the primaries and people fell for it.

Now, Biden wants to invoke 9/11 as if the economy is as urgent as 9/11 and that we should all hold hands and work around the clock to do what needs to be done.

If he is comparing it to 9/11 then I say the Republicans definitely should not go for the stimulus package. After 9/11 Democrats voted with Republicans and then when things got rough, said they were tricked or lied to and that they were sorry they voted for the wars. Then they blamed everything on George Bush (the person who fooled them who is also the one they call stupid) and the Republicans. They were able to make that stick. They then proceeded to call the war a failure and said that it was lost. To this day Obama believes the surge did not work.

What happens if Republicans buy into this and things do not improve? The Democrats will say they were fooled or tricked or lied to and they will say they now are against a stimulus and that George Bush led them to believe it was needed and they were only following what he said so it is all his fault and they could not possibly be the ones, lions and tigers and bears, oh my…

They will then say that Republicans led them to believe a trillion dollars in spending was needed and that the whole issue is the Republicans fault.

I say we don’t need the stimulus. Before they spend our tax money they need to go through the federal budget line by line and start cutting, not with Obama’s scalpel but with a meat cleaver.

It is amazing that Biden would invoke 9/11 and what was accomplished when Democrats vehemently opposed the things accomplished when they believed there was political gain involved. Then again, political gain is why they voted to defend America in the first place.

Joe Biden went to the movies the other night and was only noticed by a few people and this was in a sold out theater. I guess he has to find some way to get in the news.

Mention 9/11, that ought to do it.

Then again, most anything that he says is newsworthy because it is often very wrong.

Joe Biden is the gaff-o-matic.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Biden Compares Economy To 9/11”

  1. Shannon Bell says:

    All I can say is, it sure is going to be fun for the next four years with this guy around.

    • SpideyTerry says:

      True, but on the other hand, I pity the poor people that will have to “clarify” his remarks. That is a job without any vacation time.