Biden And The Two Sides

It is said that there are two sides to every story, yours and mine (I say there are three adding and the truth). However Joe Biden of Delaware has shown both sides of the story in the Samuel Alito Confirmation hearings. The Democrats are trying to torpedo the nomination but so far they have proven to be jokes. Biden is towing the party line though in fairness to him he did compliment Judge Alito on his being forthright.

Biden, who applies the everyday real life test to law tried to bang on Alito regarding discrimination. You see, to Biden, the Constitution does not matter and the fact that Alito ruled based upon the Constitution does not matter because Biden thinks he should base his opinions on real life. For instance, there was an exchange about a case that dealt with discrimination in the FLMA and the amount of time a person gets off for Family Leave. The best I can figure Alito ruled that giving women more time was discrimination but Biden said it was not because in the real world women get pregnant and most of them need the last 1 or 2 months of bed rest. I am a medical professional and have not seen “most” pregnant women requiring bed rest at the end of their pregnancy. Biden the later said that his wife and daughter in law worked right up until the end. Biden also expressed concern about spousal notification of abortion because he said in the real world the majority of women depend on their spouse’s income and could not go it alone so they would be reluctant to act if they knew their spouse would leave them. He asserted they could not make it on their own and depended on the man. I bet the gals at NOW are choking on that one.

You want to talk about discrimination or sexism or whatever you want to call it. Most women have to take off at the end of their pregnancy and most women rely on their husband’s income. That is pretty presumptuous on his part. But this is Biden and he has been known to say some strange things though they were usually someone else’s words.

Big Joe also got in a little heat about his comment that he never liked Princeton. He said that he did not like that school. He must have forgotten what he said at a speech there:

But Biden had nothing but praise for the University in a 2004 speech at the Wilson School.

“It’s an honor to be here,” he told the audience. “It would have been an even greater honor to have come here.”

Biden also said yesterday: “One of my real dilemmas is I have two kids who went to Ivy League schools. I’m not sure my Grandfather Finnegan will ever forgive me for allowing that to happen.”

But in his speech at Princeton, he said, “I have three children who have mercifully all finally completed undergraduate and graduate school. And I tried to get all three of them to apply here.”

He went on to recall how he tried to convince them to attend Princeton, but because they didn’t, he’s “counting on his grandchildren.”

This was in the Daily Princetonian so I imagine they all know what he said and they probably won’t be inviting him back any time soon. This probably explains why he was wearing the Princeton hat today. Yeah, with guys like this asking the questions Mortimer Snerd would look like Einstein so Alito has no trouble making them look like jackasses.

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