Biased, Proud & Out Of The Closet

Big Dog and I have often posted on egregious examples of media bias. My previous post concerning Washington Post reporters characterizing President Bush’s trip to his home in Crawford, Texas as a “vacation” is one such example. It was, however, only one example of the MSM “coming out” party over the past week. Several news organizations picked up on this “faux report” and ran with it. AOL News even produced a poll asking whether or not respondents felt Bush was taking too much vacation time.

To support this MSM’s Bush bashing, CBS revealed that one of their radio reporters has been counting and keeping track of Bush’s “vacations.” Believe it or not the reporter, Mary Knoller, had added weekends and holidays to her total count! Apparently, the woman has neither a life, nor common sense. One thing she and CBS have in spades is Liberal bias.

Another MSM institution, The New York Times, also decided to “out” itself by making inappropriate inquiries into Judge John Roberts personal life. Roberts, Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, and his wife adopted two children from Latin America. In a move which can only be described as despicable, The Times contacted lawyers to find a way to get into the court-sealed documents surrounding the adoptions. Reportedly, one of the lawyers found The Times actions so “reprehensible” — he refused to take the job. When a lawyer finds something distasteful, well . . . .

In another display of their “outing,” the MSM decided to take a pass on a negative Lib story. Unless you’ve listened/read/watched one of the few unbiased or right-leaning media outlets or blogs, you probably don’t know that Air America, the radio broadcasting/talk show branch of the Left, has taken a serious blow. The scandal surrounds financing Air America received from a non-profit organization designed to provide services to children and Alzheimer’s patients. The organization, Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars — reportedly $875,000 — from its own coffers as startup money for Air America. Now broke, the organization wants the “loan” repaid. Where does the Bronx-based organization get its funding? According to the New York Sun article, the New York City government provides millions of dollars in funding to Gloria Wise Boys & Girls club. Essentially, the citizens of New York help finance Air America.

Yes. The MSM decided to unveil themselves for the flaming liberal sycophants that they are. They are now publicly and openly the lapdogs of the Liberal Left. During August, the Washington political news takes a downturn with most politicians at home — and the lobbyist and support crew gone also. In the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, maybe these venerable “institutions” just thought no one would notice.

Michael Barone of US News & World Report and Hugh Hewitt of The Weekly Standard have some interesting thoughts on the Air America situation.

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2 Responses to “Biased, Proud & Out Of The Closet”

  1. Big Dog says:

    When the libs learned that the administration was paying for ads to promote policies they just went nuts. How terrible for taxpayer money to pay for ads to promote services to the …taxpayer. Now, taxpayer money used to finance a defunct venture and no one seems to notice??? I wonder when Adam’s site will post its denouncement of this terrible thing?

  2. Surfside says:

    The Libs raised an uproar over funding faith-based organization to offer services to the indigent and needy. But, I’m sure they’ll defend taking money from NYC taxpayers via a non-profit service organization to fund their doomed political mouthpiece.