Beyonce Faked It, Seems Appropriate

There is no doubt that Beyonce is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. She is a gifted singer who has entertained millions of people so it was not a bad choice for her to sing the National Anthem at the second Immaculation of Barack Obama. The song is a tough one but there is no doubt that Beyonce can sing it. I heard her rendition and it was very nicely done.

However, it has been revealed that Beyonce, for some unknown reason, decided to use her prerecorded version of the National Anthem and lip synch the song. The music for these events is prerecorded in case it cannot be played live and there have been times in the past where recorded music was used such as during bad weather.

No one remembers the National Anthem being anything other than live.

Perhaps Beyonce was not feeling well or was unable to hit the notes on the cold day. Perhaps the wind was making it difficult for her or perhaps she was having trouble hearing the band. Maybe she was worried she could not remember the words (though Obama had a teleprompter she could have used). Who knows? The reality is, she is the singer and she felt it was necessary to lip synch to her recorded version.

People are making a big deal about this though I doubt anyone far enough away noticed. Hell, many were high so they probably missed the song completely while they were looking for Twinkies (and none were to be found!).

I think it is perfectly appropriate for Beyonce to have faked the song. She was faking the song at an event for a person who has been faking that he knows what he is doing for years. Fake song for fake leader…

If only we could see Obama’s lips moving with no words coming out…

That would be music to my ears…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Beyonce Faked It, Seems Appropriate”

  1. LD Jackson says:

    I have seen some of the headlines about Beyonce possibly faking the National Anthem. Given the significance of the song, it’s sad that she would do that.

    I have to agree with your assessment of Obama. The more I see of him and the tactics he is using to divide our nation, the more I believe he is truly a fake leader. He has no leadership skills, other than to browbeat his opponents into submission. I’ll be glad when this four years is past.

  2. Blake says:

    What,LD- do you think this era is over after O’bama is out? There has been talk of nullifying the 22nd amendment (the one that limits a President to two terms) just so Jugears O’bama can get more terms.
    Even Clinton didn’t have that kind of nerve- but then he has never had any respect for the Constitution, and all his Constitutional studies have been to find ways around the limits of that document.